The everything app, for gifting.

The intelligent gifting platform to increase pipeline, retain customers, and reward employees. Personalize, Send, Measure, and Automate your gifting efforts with ease.

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Enterprise solutions for
go-to-market teams

corporate gifting marketplace
Engage your audience
Automate and integrate your offline programs with a curated, global marketplace.
Postal Engage
company swag store
Build brand value
Create, host, and manage inventory for your swag store of branded, custom items.
Postal Brand
corporate gifting strategy
Execute on your ABM strategy
Leverage the comprehensive campaign dashboard to help nurture target accounts at scale.
Postal ABM

Connect your favorite apps

Postal works within your go-to-market tech stack, adding the impact of intelligent gifting without adding extra steps to your existing workflows

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Hear from our flyers

“We leverage Postal to thank customers for participating in our reference program... our ADRs use it to help source leads... we use it to incentivize customers to complete reviews and surveys... we use it for EVERYTHING.”
Ray Rhodes
Co-Founder at UserEvidence
“Our marketing and sales playbooks include a small gift card or swag sends, one-off swag sends from AMs and AEs, employee appreciation, direct mail campaigns to increase conference attendance both in person and virtually from the Postal marketplace. 40% of leads who receive a Seismic incentive through Postal end up converting to pipeline.”
Mikaela Karcher
Field Marketing | Events & Deal Support
“There are so many ways to use Postal – customer gifting, prospecting, event follow-up, and employee engagement, just to name a few. Everyone can find a way to win with Postal.”
Alice Stern
Senior Marketing Manager
“Postal helps speed up my sales cycle and I love it. Allows me to break the ice with purpose. Gifting should mean something. By using Postal I can curate appreciation easily. Compared to other products, no guesswork.”
Willie Little
Account Executive

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Gift intelligently with one app. Personalize, Send, Measure, and Automate your gifting efforts with ease.
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