Why invest in an Offline Engagement Platform?

Shifts in the market and how modern businesses function are bringing new challenges for go-to-market teams:

Offline Engagement Platform

Economic shift

Technology companies have reduced spend by 10-20% on average
Budgets and headcounts are being re-evaluated due to venture funding being the slowest since 2018
Tightening privacy and security regulations such as loss of 3rd party cookies

Impact on your business

Increasing pressure to decrease cost and prove efficiency
Leaner teams managing increasing responsibilities while trying to maximize resources
Cutting through the digital noise to capture attention has never been harder

Offline Engagement is a proven way to solve these challenges, but disjointed tactics & one-off gifting point solutions aren’t effective.

Historically, investing in the offline was expensive, time consuming, and created significant lift for teams.

Outdated tactic

Storing inventory and sending items manually
Using a legacy gifting tool or managing logistics and inventory in-house
Sending direct from vendors or retailers, giving you no insight into performance
Sourcing cheap swag or conference merch from non-vetted suppliers
Using an external marketing agency to create brand kits and swag

The new way

Manage inventory and send items in a few clicks
Use a technology-forward solution that partners with global fulfillment and warehousing experts
Oversee logistics and track ROI in the same platform you send from & CRM
Source and create sustainable items that your recipients will love from trusted vendors
Execute custom projects for no additional cost & track their effectiveness through one platform

Stop doing Offline Engagement the old way

Our all-in-one solution built off Postal Engage: the most intuitive and easiest to use Global Offline Engagement Platform in the industry

Offer a branded, online swag storefront for employees and customers to shop. Centrally manage and distribute swag.

Scale, execute, and track corporate gifting campaigns with ease using Postal's Global Marketplace of small and curated businesses.

Remove the hassle and logistical pain of warehousing swag and branded items with best-in-class shipping times.
Orchestrate targeted, data-driven campaigns using insights from Postal’s comprehensive offline campaign dashboard.
Create custom-branded projects and experiences through our complimentary creative services agency
Real results
from using Postal
more sales meetings booked
Month 1
in closed won revenue within first 30 days of using Postal
Month 2
2 months
to recognized ROI from Postal

96% of Postal customers report achieving an ROI in platform and cost of items in less than 12 months

email open rates
click rates
Triple the industry average open rate and more than 20x click rate (21% open rate and 2.6% click rate according to Mailchimp)
of ABM campaign goals achieved within one month of launch
conversion rate from landing page view to item acceptance
conversion rate from item acceptance to pipeline
higher lead to opportunity conversion rates

Hear from our flyers

“We leverage Postal to thank customers for participating in our reference program... our ADRs use it to help source leads... we use it to incentivize customers to complete reviews and surveys... we use it for EVERYTHING.”
Ray Rhodes
Co-Founder at UserEvidence
“Our marketing and sales playbooks include a small gift card or swag sends, one-off swag sends from AMs and AEs, employee appreciation, direct mail campaigns to increase conference attendance both in person and virtually from the Postal marketplace. 40% of leads who receive a Seismic incentive through Postal end up converting to pipeline.”
Mikaela Karcher
Field Marketing | Events & Deal Support
“There are so many ways to use Postal – customer gifting, prospecting, event follow-up, and employee engagement, just to name a few. Everyone can find a way to win with Postal.”
Alice Stern
Senior Marketing Manager
“Postal helps speed up my sales cycle and I love it. Allows me to break the ice with purpose. Gifting should mean something. By using Postal I can curate appreciation easily. Compared to other products, no guesswork.”
Willie Little
Account Executive
wine gift

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