Engage more effectively

Scale, execute, and track offline campaigns to grow your business. With Postal’s global online marketplace, you can start sending the perfect item faster and easier.

Engage more effectively

Leave your old gifting platform behind

  • 2 months to recognized ROI
  • 70% email open rates & 62% click rates
  • 55-80%+ event attendance rate
Postal All-In-One Offline Engagement Tool

Scale and track the offline efforts that are working

  • See data your way in the place that makes the most sense
  • Integrate with your CRM for a single source of truth
  • Automate offline sends from your marketing automation or sales engagement tools

Find the right item for every audience and occasion

  • Manage costs and budgets from one system
  • Easily find the perfect gift through our curated, global marketplace
  • Spin up custom direct mail, handwritten notes, or send a bottle of champagne
Postal All-In-One Offline Engagement Tool
Postal All-In-One Offline Engagement Tool

Customize thousands of branded swag items in-app 

  • Filter by category and find items that fit your budget and timeline
  • Design and order swag when you need it, without having to purchase huge quantities
  • Store items in Postal’s warehouses and send them individually or in bulk

Build and nurture meaningful relationships at scale

  • Go the extra mile and deliver personalized experiences that make an impression
  • Trigger sends for specific milestone actions like contract renewals or birthdays
Postal All-In-One Offline Engagement Tool

Enable every team to connect offline

Generate more leads leveraging the offline channel in ABM, field marketing, and brand strategies.
Increase meetings booked, deal velocity, and close rates by personalizing offline touchpoints.
Customer Success
Build customer loyalty and advocacy by celebrating milestones and big wins.
People Ops
Engage your employees with custom onboarding kits, branded swag, and employee gifts.

Hear from our flyers

“We use Postal to send swag, gift cards, and marketplace items to our customers worldwide. Previously we had to rely on spreadsheets to track sends and it was so difficult to ensure customers received what we’d promised them in a timely fashion. Postal has been an absolute game changer for us.”
Cobalt 2
Colleen Pate
Head of Customer Marketing
“The Postal platform is intuitive and the level of client support we receive on an ongoing basis continues to impress. Postal is one of the most valuable platforms we use, and it's backed by the most collaborative and creative team I've seen.”
Sales Assembly
Matthew Green
"We see 3x meetings convert to opportunities or move to proof of concept if the cadence has an accepted Postal gift."
Fivetran 2
Mikayla Rice-Harvey
Lead SDR
"Sending gifts to customers is easier than ever. The platform is very user-friendly and has a vast selection of items to choose from. With just a few clicks, the gift is sent off and we get a notification once the gift is accepted. This helps to build CSAT while showing our appreciation for their partnership."
LeanData 2
Julie Luong
Senior Customer Success Manager

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Postal integrates with the tools you use in your outreach, operations, and reporting to show the impact of the offline and online channels in one place.

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