Execute international gifting campaigns with ease

Shop our global marketplace for unique items to reach your customers and prospects wherever they are, or store your custom projects in our warehouses to simplify your international shipping.

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Execute international gifting campaigns with ease
International Corporate Gifting | Postal

Deliver best-in-class global experiences

  • Shop a global marketplace of 3000+ items and events reaching 170+ countries
  • Send from local retailers and dropship in regions closest to your recipient
  • Access multiple currencies and a free, in-platform currency transfer
  • Verify international addresses to ensure your gift reaches your recipient

Send to international warehouses for customs compliance

  • Store custom projects or inventory in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and UK
  • Reduce transit times and minimize environmental impact
  • Work with our experienced team at Paper Plane to ideate, source, and build your branded items
  • Receive global support with a guaranteed response time of 24 business hours
International Corporate Gifting | Postal

Enable every team to connect offline

Generate more leads leveraging the offline channel in ABM, field marketing, and brand strategies.
Increase meetings booked, deal velocity, and close rates by personalizing offline touchpoints.
Customer Success
Build customer loyalty and advocacy by celebrating milestones and big wins.
People Ops
Engage your employees with custom onboarding kits, branded swag, and employee gifts.

Hear from our flyers

"Postal helped to simplify our company's reward and recognition programs. Not only that, but we can run a report after a campaign has been sent, it just works! I checked out other platforms on the market and none could compete."
ACRT Services
Jenna Gray
Employee Engagement Specialist
“We use Postal to send swag, gift cards, and marketplace items to our customers worldwide. Previously we had to rely on spreadsheets to track sends and it was so difficult to ensure customers received what we’d promised them in a timely fashion. Postal has been an absolute game changer for us.”
Cobalt 2
Colleen Pate
Head of Customer Marketing

Learn more about the Postal ecosystem

Postal integrates with the tools you use in your outreach, operations, and reporting to show the impact of the offline and online channels in one place.

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More engagement in the offline channel, with less of your team’s time and energy.
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