Track real-time ROI of offline campaigns

Report on the impact and ROI of direct mail, corporate gifting, and branded swag with Postal’s Reporting Dashboard.

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Track real-time ROI of offline campaigns
Reporting & ROI | Postal

See overall campaign performance in one dashboard

  • View pipeline, opps, and closed/won revenue influenced by Postal
  • Find key metrics like total accepted gifts, recipient engagement, total spend, average item cost, and meetings booked
  • Customize data by rep, item, or marketing campaign over any given period of time

Connect your CRM to manage campaigns your way

  • Map Postal sends to the lead, contact, account, opportunity, or campaign
  • Create customer reports to align with your programs
  • Connect a pre-built Salesforce managed dashboard
Reporting & ROI | Postal
Reporting & ROI | Postal

Stay on top of recent activity and orders

  • See the status of Postal orders, any actions taken by recipients, and delivery notifications
  • Sort the activity report by action type, for example “delivered”
  • Download Postal orders filtered by status, date created, item, user team, contact or MagicLink

Enable every team to connect offline

Generate more leads leveraging the offline channel in ABM, field marketing, and brand strategies.
Increase meetings booked, deal velocity, and close rates by personalizing offline touchpoints.
Customer Success
Build customer loyalty and advocacy by celebrating milestones and big wins.
People Ops
Engage your employees with custom onboarding kits, branded swag, and employee gifts.

Hear from our flyers

“I have used a couple of tools in this space and Postal is truly *unmatched*. Pulling metrics is a huge plus. This helps us keep on track month-to-month and quarter-to-quarter and see where our senders can improve.”
LeanData 3
Brooke Rhoades
Customer Marketing Manager
"Postal gifts move deals forward. The curated gifts and especially the collections are helpful to me as an AM. The marketing team can select pieces of swag, gifts and help me stay within budget each month. The tracking also helps me understand if I have already sent something to a customer."
Seismic 3
Matt McGraw
Account Manager Mid-Market
"We're solving the issue sending direct mail at scale and affordably. Our reps now have easy access & reporting in Salesforce with Postal, and we're saving money and time using them over sending items from our office."
G2 Review
Katie Brunette
Senior Director of Global Events & Campaigns

Learn more about the Postal ecosystem

Postal integrates with the tools you use in your outreach, operations, and reporting to show the impact of the offline and online channels in one place.

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More engagement in the offline channel, with less of your team’s time and energy.
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