Integrate Salesforce with Postal

Get visibility into campaign performance and ROI reporting

With the Salesforce integration, your team can automate the send of items, event experiences, and direct mail from Postal at key points in the customer lifecycle. Postal items can be triggered from three types of records in Salesforce: opportunities, tasks, and events. Postal activity is mapped back to Salesforce, so you can seamlessly track and measure pipeline growth and revenue being generated from your offline engagement campaigns.

Integrate Salesforce with Postal


  • Trigger gifting and direct mail from Postal off of opportunities, tasks, or events in Salesforce
  • Map Postal activity back to the lead, contact, account, opportunity and/or campaign object in Salesforce and create custom reports
  • Measure the ROI of your Postal efforts with key metrics including won revenue, deals closed, open pipeline influenced, and open opportunities by sales rep

Already using Salesforce and Postal? Here’s how to integrate.

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Note: In addition to the Salesforce integration, the Salesforce Managed Package is required to be able to trigger Postal sends from Salesforce and to get access to ROI metrics. It can be downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange for $1.

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