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"Postal is critical to any demand generation or customer marketing strategy. It has helped us to increase conversion rates, accelerate the buying cycle, grow our advocacy engine, and delight new and returning customers at important moments along their journey."
Emily Popson
Senior Director of Demand & Customer Marketing
"Sending gifts to customers is easier than ever. The platform is very user-friendly and has a vast selection of items to choose from. With just a few clicks, the gift is sent off and we get a notification once the gift is accepted. This helps to build CSAT while showing our appreciation for their partnership."
Julie Luong
Senior Customer Success Manager
“The Postal platform is intuitive and the level of client support we receive on an ongoing basis continues to impress. Postal is one of the most valuable platforms we use, and it's backed by the most collaborative and creative team I've seen.”
Matthew Green
“Very fast response time for support and new product requests - Postal very clearly has a great team that is super committed to the customer experience using their platform.”
Colleen Pate
Head of Customer Marketing
“Our marketing and sales playbooks include a small gift card or swag sends, one-off swag sends from AMs and AEs, employee appreciation, direct mail campaigns to increase conference attendance both in person and virtually from the Postal marketplace. 40% of leads who receive a Seismic incentive through Postal end up converting to pipeline.”
Mikaela Karcher
Field Marketing | Events & Deal Support
“Postal helps speed up my sales cycle and I love it. Allows me to break the ice with purpose. Gifting should mean something. By using Postal I can curate appreciation easily. Compared to other products, no guesswork.”
Willie Little
Account Executive

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