UserEvidence closes $80k within first 30 days on Postal

How UserEvidence increased first meetings booked by 20% and closed 80k of new revenue within the first 30 days of implementing Postal

increase in booking first meetings
closed won in first 30 days with Postal
2 months
to achieve ROI
Postal Pros:
Evan Huck
Evan Huck
Ray Rhodes
Ray Rhodes
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Create more opportunities within key accounts, increase efficiency of cold outreach, book meetings, and get in front of more key decision makers


Use Postal to incentivize prospects to take meetings and customers to complete reviews and surveys

UserEvidence is a platform that helps companies unlock customer love by generating verified insights and evidence. With the help of Postal, UserEvidence has been able to increase efficiency within their cold outreach, book more meetings, and generate more customer feedback.

Saving 6 hours per week by sending meaningful items from local businesses within sales outreach

My favorite part about Postal is that they source their marketplace items from small local businesses, rather than big box retailers or cheap international manufacturers.

- Evan Huck, CEO

Before working with Postal, UserEvidence's primary method of outreach was manual. Their reps would reach out to prospects individually and thank them for participating in their reference program and source leads for their Account Development Reps (ADRs). This manual process was also used for incentivizing customers to complete surveys and reviews. This process was inefficient both in terms of time spent and resources needed—it took up an average of 6 hours a week and often resulted in generic gifts being sent.

Our SDRs have doubled the amount of booked meetings with Postal. Postal items help us cut through the noise and demonstrate to the prospect that we've done our research. Postal has saved me over 6 hours a week by automating that process.

- Evan Huck, CEO

That all changed when they began working with Postal—through Postal’s automations and easy-to-use interface, UserEvidence was able to save time and increase efficiency in their cold outreach efforts.

Achieving ROI within 2 months of launch by implementing Postal across go-to-market teams

In the first two months since beginning work with Postal, UserEvidence has seen a 20% increase in booking meetings as well as 80k closed-won opportunities during the first 30 days. Explore more creative prospecting email templates that are designed to increase cold outreach efficiency.

Postal has doubled the amount of opportunities generated by our BDRS in our key accounts segment—it’s our secret weapon.

- Evan Huck, CEO 

Additionally, conversion rates increased 38%. Partnering with Postal has had significant impacts on UserEvidence’s go-to-market strategy:

  • Sourcing leads for ADRs can be done faster and customers are incentivized more efficiently
  • Meeting bookings have increased by 20%
  • Closed won opportunities have doubled
  • Thanking customers for participating in their reference program has become easier
  • Surveys and reviews are completed quicker
We use Postal for EVERYTHING. One of our ADR campaigns got a 20% increase in meeting booking rate!

- Ray Rhodes, Co-founder

The positive benefits demonstrate why so many businesses rely on Postal’s Offline Engagement solution to create success stories like this one with UserEvidence: saving time while improving efficiency in their cold outreach efforts has allowed them to focus more on things like innovation, customer relations, and product development.