We help companies make meaningful connections.

At Postal, we always opt for a real conversation over a one-sided sales pitch. We love stats and strategy, but building relationships is our real “why.” And while we’re seriously good at what we do, we never take ourselves too seriously.

"I love working with our team, the team is really the heart of it. We’ve hired some amazing people who care really deeply about our customers and commit themselves to learning about their needs"
Shadi Majzoub
Director of Product, Vendor
“We’ve been able to bring on team members with such diverse skill sets and that’s really lended to building a strong company culture.”
Felicia Malapit
VP, People
“I like working at Postal because the team is so great, it’s such a positive and friendly environment and every single day I learn something new in each conversation I have.”
Aimee Smith
Sales Manager, Commercial

Core Values

Integrity & honesty above all else

Act like an owner and do the right thing even when no one is watching.

Teach, collaborate, & grow together

We must strive to get better 1% every single day. That includes employees, vendors, and customers. The best teachers are the best learners.

Leave the world a better place

We have 1 planet. We have a corporate responsibility to hold ourselves accountable for environmental sustainability, building community, and giving back.

Make a better wheel

We must pursue continuous improvement and excellence in the people, process, technology, and data we are developing. We can always get better.

Listen first, listen often

People want to be heard and we must listen to learn. Talk less, listen more in everything you do.

Seek diversity & foster inclusion

It’s proven that the more diverse individualism we have, the more efficiently we will grow as a team. Our differences make us stronger.

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