Account-Based Marketing Solutions: Corporate Gifting for Enhanced Engagement

Focus your offline budget on the accounts and people that will drive the most revenue.

Account-Based Marketing Solutions: Corporate Gifting for Enhanced Engagement

Leave your old gifting platform behind

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  • Increase your close rate by 17%
  • Reduce deal cycles by half
  • Magically reactivate cold prospects

"Our marketing and sales playbooks include a small gift card or swag sends, one-off swag sends from AMs and AEs, employee appreciation, direct mail campaigns to increase conference attendance both in person and virtually from the Postal marketplace. 40% of leads who receive a Seismic incentive through Postal end up converting to pipeline."

Mikaela Karcher
Field Marketing | Events & Deal Support

“We leverage Postal to thank customers for participating in our reference program... our ADRs use it to help source leads... we use it to incentivize customers to complete reviews and surveys... we use it for EVERYTHING.”

Ray Rhodes
Co-Founder at UserEvidence

“There are so many ways to use Postal – customer gifting, prospecting, event follow-up, and employee engagement, just to name a few. Everyone can find a way to win with Postal.”

Alice Stern
Senior Marketing Manager
Tailored ABM Solutions: Elevate Engagement with Corporate Gifting

Programmatically send direct mail, gifts, and swag to target accounts

  • Use intent signals from Salesforce to automatically trigger offline campaigns
  • Make informed decisions throughout the campaign lifecycle with account and contact insights
  • Deliver an experience that moves the needle when your buying committee is most receptive

Understand engagement and ROI of your campaigns

  • Build, execute, and track ABM programs at scale
  • Get visibility into lifetime engagement and spend on an individual or account
  • Track campaign success by accounts engaged, revenue generated, and more, in Postal and in Salesforce
  • Connect your online and offline ABM efforts without stitching together data from multiple platforms
Tailored ABM Solutions: Elevate Engagement with Corporate Gifting

Enable every team to connect offline

Generate more leads leveraging the offline channel in ABM, field marketing, and brand strategies.
Increase meetings booked, deal velocity, and close rates by personalizing offline touchpoints.
Customer Success
Build customer loyalty and advocacy by celebrating milestones and big wins.
People Ops
Engage your employees with custom onboarding kits, branded swag, and employee gifts.

Hear from our flyers

"It is saving me time - which as an AE, my time is my most valuable asset. I love that I can easily find my contacts via Salesforce and send (or mass send) items to differentiate myself in the sales cycle and progress my deals forward."
Seismic 6
Angela Laginess
Senior Director Enterprise Sales
“Postal's direct mail capabilities are awesome for our multi-channel marketing campaigns. We are also really excited about the Hubspot and Salesforce integrations as that entralizes our reporting.”
Coterie Insurance 2
Rorie Raimondi
Project & Events Coordinator

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Postal integrates with the tools you use in your outreach, operations, and reporting to show the impact of the offline and online channels in one place.

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