Start conversations and reach the finish line faster

A tangible token of your appreciation can go a long way in speeding up your sales cycle. We have an entire marketplace filled with the thoughtful gifts, direct mail, and swag that turn virtual communication into a real-life connection.

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Learn how sales professionals are shortening their sales cycle by up to 30% and establishing trust with customers and prospects.

Book more meetings with less outreach

  • Increase open and click rates with strategic gifting
  • Connect with high-value prospects through the offline channel
  • Reduce no-shows with calendar booking + gift acceptance

Personalize your approach to build strong relationships

  • Show your prospects you truly understand them and are listening
  • Reconnect with leads and accounts that have gone cold
  • Reach executives, economic buyers, and decision-makers with luxury gifts

Close more deals, faster

  • Speed up sales cycles and stay top of mind
  • Celebrate closed/won stages with automated triggers
  • Track which reps and items perform best with robust reporting

Send the right message

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Hear from our flyers

“Postal helps speed up my sales cycle and I love it. Allows me to break the ice with purpose. Gifting should mean something. By using Postal I can curate appreciation easily. Compared to other products, no guesswork.”
Willie Little
Account Executive
“The Postal platform is intuitive and the level of client support we receive on an ongoing basis continues to impress. Postal is one of the most valuable platforms we use, and it's backed by the most collaborative and creative team I've seen.”
Matthew Green
"Love the RANGE!!! Ease of use, for sure. Giving gifts that fit a situation well is tough for me, in general. I'm a big fan of the evolving marketplace that allows me to get some unique choices that are more likely to match a specific person and their interests!"
Justin Clifford
Head of Sales
"It is saving me time - which as an AE, my time is my most valuable asset. I love that I can easily find my contacts via Salesforce and send (or mass send) items to differentiate myself in the sales cycle and progress my deals forward."
Angela Laginess
Senior Director Enterprise Sales
"The platform is intuitive and easy to use - makes incentives a breeze. I love using the MagicLinks in my Outreach sequences."
User in Computer Software
Small-Business (50 or fewer employees)
“Postal has been a game-changer for me and my reps. It's effortless and built into my team's everyday workflow with the browser extension. Postal helps create relationships pre-sales and continue to build them post-sales. Understanding how it impacts deal cycles is the big ticket item for us.”
Mike Wendahl
Regional Vice President, Mid-Market Sales

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Postal integrates with the tools you use in your outreach, operations, and reporting to show the impact of the offline and online channels in one place.

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