Unlocking Sales Success: How Postal and Outreach Transformed FireMon's Global ABX Strategy

How FireMon drove $4 million in influenced pipeline, stronger client relationships, and increased efficiency with Postal.

in influenced pipeline from Postal events and gifting plays.
of FireMon's RSMs actively use Postal.
new global teams at FireMon adopted Postal for their gifting and outreach strategies.
Postal Pros:
Jake Miller
Jake Miller
Director, Global ABX
Software Development/Technology
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Enhance FireMon's offline and gifting strategy, which had previously faced issues with complex integrations, time-consuming support, and lack of efficiency.


Postal enabled FireMon to scale offline touchpoints and improve their sales outreach, resulting in significant pipeline growth and stronger client relationships.

Meet Jake Miller, the driving force behind FireMon's global Account-Based Experience (ABX) strategy. FireMon, a cybersecurity company, delivers industry-leading security policy management, cloud security operations, and asset management solutions. Jake, the Global ABX Manager at FireMon, is no stranger to the challenges of supporting sales teams in a highly competitive market.

Jake's journey at FireMon began over two years ago when he took on the role of ABX Manager. His mission was clear: enable sales teams with the right tools to drive new business growth within prestigious and lucrative target accounts. Achieving this goal was far from straightforward when tasked with supporting his sales counterparts in a 6+month deal cycle. The daily challenges of being a quota-carrying rep and managing strategic sales are well known by Jake since he worked in sales for 8 years before transitioning back into the marketing side.

The Challenge

Jake understood the importance of leveraging the offline channel and integrating it into the Global ABX strategy at FireMon, but their previous technology solution proved to be ineffective. The main challenges Jake faced with his previous gifting solution were: 

  • Complex Integrations: FireMon had previously used a different gifting platform, but the integrations needed to be more convenient and reliable and the UI needed to be easier for his sales team to adapt into their daily sales motions. Due to these limitations, the platform was primarily utilized by the BDRs and a small channel account team, with limited engagement from the Sales/AE teams.
  • Time-Consuming Support: Jake found himself spending an inordinate amount of time troubleshooting issues with the previous platform's support team.
  • Lack of Efficiency: The existing solution didn't align with the executive goal of making sales teams more efficient. Instead, it became a burden to manage and deploy. 

Enter Postal – a game-changer for Jake and his team. Postal offered solutions that addressed FireMon's pain points head-on.

Postal transformed FireMon's approach to offline and gifting by increasing his team’s ability to scale offline touchpoints without having to support the new gifting strategy with additional human capital. The biggest changes he saw were:

  • Streamlined Integrations: Postal's integrations were easy to set up and a seamless sending experience for his end users. This boosted Jake's confidence in the new system.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Postal became the "easy button" for Jake. It streamlined the entire process, making it more efficient and sustainable as a lean team of 1 supporting a large global sales organization.
  • Personalization Made Easy: With Postal, the ease of creating personalized gifts and experiences helped Jake's team build stronger connections with prospects and customers.
  • One-to-few gifting: The FireMon team found Postal MagicLinks to be a game-changer within their Outreach platform that made it easy to scale and adopt the program internally.

Integrating Postal into Sales Reps' Daily Workflow

Jake's role required him to enable and support sales teams in North America and beyond, becoming the resident Global expert on all things offline. He needed Postal to seamlessly fit into their workflow, making it accessible and straightforward for sales reps.

Here are a few of the key use cases Jake has integrated into his multi-channel ABX program at FireMon using the power of sales engagement + Postal to drive more efficient sales results.

  • Opportunity acceleration through high-touch gifting: Within an Outreach sequence, Jake incorporates Postal touchpoints and sends personalized gifts for high-value clients, enhancing their connection with recipients. This allows reps to have the flexibility of choice while ensuring the adoption of the channel and program. 
  • Driving new business: Jake works closely with BDRs and AEs to create compelling sequences in Outreach. He pairs relevant content in Outreach along with a unique Postal Collection with a myriad of unique gifts to capture the attention of prospective decision-makers at target accounts. These sales engagement plays through Outreach have become their most popular and successful plays.
  • Multi-threading existing opportunities: AEs use Postal Events to reach more stakeholders in their deals, reviving stalled opportunities. Whether it be a whiskey pairing, cocktail-making class, or a chocolate tasting, he loves these plays for a few reasons. For one, his sales executive counterparts love them, and see them moving the needle for opportunities. He believes this is largely in part due to the fact that these events allow for more meaningful brand interactions. Jake creates these standout events through one of his favorite Postal Vendors, Priority Experiences. Priority Experiences has powered many of their VIP virtual experiences, creating unique brand moments that contributed in large part to the team’s success.

Results and Successes with Postal

The impact of Postal at FireMon has been nothing short of remarkable.

  • The pipeline team has sourced over $500k in new pipeline from target accounts from their 1:few seasonal gifting plays 
  • $1M+ pipeline sourced from Postal Events
  • $3M+ influenced pipeline from Postal Events
  • Increased Adoption: Over 60% of FireMon's RSMs now actively use Postal, thanks to its user-friendly interface. 4 new global teams now use Postal 
  • Revived Opportunities: Stalled opportunities were rekindled through Postal events and personalized sales outreach.
  • Stronger Relationships: Postal's events facilitated networking and strengthened relationships with prospects and clients. Also adding new contacts to the buying center discussions.
  • 4 new internal teams at FireMon are now utilizing Postal that didn't use their previous gifting platform

Why Jake Loves Using Postal

Jake's enthusiasm for Postal is contagious, and here's why:

  • Seamless Integration: Postal's integrations work reliably, saving time and effort.
  • Ease of Use: Jake describes Postal as an "easy button" that empowers his team to send personalized gifts effortlessly.
  • Increased Efficiency: Postal enables sales reps to achieve more with less effort, aligning perfectly with FireMon's goals.

Jake Miller's journey at FireMon highlights how the right tools can transform an ABX strategy. Postal's seamless integrations, user-friendliness, and personalization capabilities have propelled FireMon's sales efforts to new heights. With increased efficiency and revived opportunities, it's no wonder Jake and his team love using Postal to drive success in their global ABX strategy.