HackerRank adopts Postal across 7 teams and triples efficiency

HackerRank generates $170k in pipeline with the help of Postal virtual events and gains efficiency with easy-to-use tools adopted by sales & HR to provide seamless global swag gifting for employees.

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Postal Pros:
Kim Anchors
Kim Anchors
Director of Demand Generation at HackerRank
Software Development/Technology
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Globally send & store branded swag and influence more pipeline with meaningful events.


Live core value of surprise and delight by adopting Postal across 7 teams: CS, AM, AE, SDR, Marketing, IT, and HR.

“Postal is the easy button.” 

Kim Anchors, Director of Demand Generation at HackerRank uses Postal because it’s easy to use and simple to onboard large teams.

Delighting prospects and customers is one of our company values. Postal allows us to execute that while making a business impact. The ease of use allows us to reward customers and enable our salespeople to appreciate someone both domestically and globally.

Her team sees a gift email acceptance rate of 47% and a 30% acceptance rate for MagicLinks—proving higher engagement than other digital channels.

The HR Team at HackerRank also uses Paper Plane Agency to create company kickoff swag for 300+ employees. This would have been a major pain point in the past as HackerRank is a global company and needs to send swag to employees around the world. Postal made the international shipping process easier and less expensive for the team.

Postal can fulfill our global swag needs on time and for a better rate than we were paying previously—Postal is the easy button and saves my team a huge amount of time. Adoption is such an important part of rolling out new programs. The product itself is so easy to use that we don’t worry.

Like any new enterprise technology, implementation was perceived to be a daunting task, with fears that it would bring on more issues and difficulties to Kim’s already demanding job.

However, the outcome was the opposite. Postal empowered HackerRank reps, giving them the ability to make their clients happy, which in turn made their jobs easier. Kim noted Postal’s exceptional reporting system that offered a central location for all inventory, budgets and reporting for all departments and teams.

Easy is the keyword here. Most are concerned that gifting will be hard to manage, roll out and adopt by teams. Postal held my hand every step of the way despite it being so easy. What Postal has over its competitors is an amazing UI.

The ease of use and user-friendly interface were significant factors that set Postal apart from its competitors. Kim considers the UI to be the best on the market, making it easy for her teams to manage gifting and events, which can often pose as a headache in addition to their other tasks.

The UI is absolutely hands down the best. Let’s face it: marketers are balancing many programs, tactics, and events— it can seem like a big headache having to do offline on top of everything else, but Postal makes it easy.

Kim noted her dedicated support specialist as a key to their success as well:

It’s like I got an additional team player with my CSM. She is literally an extension of my team. I couldn't do anything without her—she interacts with everyone on my team who uses Postal…I would call that white glove service.

Event success - Wine Not? 

Kim sent the invitation to their virtual wine and charcuterie event as part of her ABM strategy for Enterprise and Mid-Market accounts. They had been targeting these accounts all year and also sent the invitation to key customers as well.

Her team initially scheduled 4 emails to promote the event, but the event filled up immediately after the first email, and decided to expand our initial registration numbers due to overwhelming interest.

With total event costs, we spent around $12K, with an attendance rate of 60%—marginally higher than other styles of virtual events. 

The Numbers: 

The event cost the HackerRank team 12K cost, generated $174K in pipeline, and already proved a 2.2x ROI in closed-won revenue. Whether you are delighting customers, expediting opportunities for growing your pipeline, Postal's virtual event certainly paid off for us.

Postal is at everyone's fingertips and takes seconds to surprise and delight.