RollWorks Shortens Sales Cycle by 30 Days with Postal

How RollWorks shortened their sales cycle by 30 days by automating offline touchpoints through Salesforce.

day faster sales cycle
conversion rate from item accepted to opportunity created
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Emily Geisler
Emily Geisler
Technical Marketing Manager
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Manage the offline channel across sales and marketing teams while reporting overall performance


Use Postal to manage the offline channel within account-based marketing programs and campaigns that strategically re-engage prospects

RollWorks is a B2B account-based marketing (ABM) platform that helps organizations align marketing and sales by focusing on the right account at the right time.

Technical Marketing Manager, Emily Geisler, oversees RollWork’s strategic gifting approach, working closely with the sales and marketing teams to ensure offline programs are successful.

In search of an effective solution to manage RollWorks' offline channel, Emily turned to Postal's Offline Engagement Platform, citing “ease of use” as the primary deciding factor.

Offering cocktail kits that yield a 20% conversion rate from item acceptance to opportunity

Postal integrates with Salesforce and Marketo, allowing RollWorks to trigger emails directly from these systems when an opportunity is marked as closed-lost. After a 90-day delay, prospects receive an email from RollWork’s VP of Marketing offering a product update webinar. This triggers an email from RollWork’s assigned SDR or AE, with a message that references the product webinar, and offers the prospect a free cocktail kit. 

This campaign has resulted in a 20% conversion rate from item acceptance to opportunity created.

Emily has additionally used Postal to re-engage contacts. Using Postal’s Salesforce integration, she sets triggers that send a gourmet coffee kit from the assigned rep when an opportunity moves to the proposal stage, using messaging around "We're excited to keep your ABM strategy buzzing!"

coffee fix gift box by Loved and Found

This approach has resulted in a 30-day faster sales cycles from contacts who redeemed the kit.

Using clever messaging with the coffee kit offering was a key component to the success of this campaign.

Awaking dead prospects with clever and timely dinner offerings

RollWorks also runs ad-hoc direct mail campaigns, such as "Awake the Dead," which targets prospects who have engaged in the past but have not responded to marketing or sales in 60 days.

On Sundays, these prospects receive an email from their assigned account owner, acknowledging that it has been a while and asking for a 30-minute meeting. They also offer a gift card for a Sunday night dinner worth $25. This approach has successfully re-engaged these prospects, with a high conversion rate from a triggered direct mail program towards closed-lost opportunities.

Offline Engagement is definitely a huge part of our marketing strategy here.

Overall, Postal's Offline Engagement Platform has been a valuable addition to RollWorks' account-based marketing strategy, helping Emily identify target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program effectiveness.