4 Offline Touchpoints to Add to Your Sales Cycle Today

With Postal, companies big and small are delivering more meaningful experiences throughout the buyer's journey to increase pipeline creation and velocity.

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Cold Outreach

The most important rule in cold outreach is to makeyour message personal so it resonates with your contact. When you incorporate offline into your strategy, you can make it really personal—in real life.

You should tailor outreach to specific interests you found in your research or timely notes to add context to your message. With offline, now you can take it a step further and send a physical item you know they will enjoy.

Reach out around big and small holidays, such as sending How Women Rise on International Women’s Day. Not only does this message give the prospect a thoughtful gift, but also gives them the ability to send it to 5 coworkers for maximum impact.

Prospecting Follow-Up

If you’re not getting responses to your initial outreach, your message might have a greater chance of breaking through if there is a reason for it. On top of timely notes that can be sent to everyone, send follow-ups around personal life events.

Our personal lives have never been more intertwined with our work lives. Offline tactics can be used to surprise and delight your recipient around these special moments.

A few examples include a celebratory gift for a recent engagement, a new parent gift box, or a birthday bundle. In some instances, it might make sense to create a collection of gifts for your recipient to choose from.

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Meeting Confirmation

Keep contacts engaged and deals moving forward by adding offline touchpoints to your ongoing outreach. Be everywhere—social, email, phone call, and mail.

Before a scheduled call, send a note offering a small gift to keep prospects engaged and decrease no-shows:

-Coffee Beans
-Tea Sampler
-Starbucks Gift Card

After a call, thank the prospect for their time with a gift relevant to the conversation.

Opportunity Acceleration

Build relationships with key stakeholders using memorable experiences like gifting and high-value events to stay top of mind throughout the opportunity timeline.

For deals that are further down the funnel, keep a varied group of stakeholders engaged by gifting at critical milestones.

-Encourage meeting attendance for late funnel activities
-Re-engage Closed Lost Opps and unresponsive leads
-Incentivize customers completing specific actions by target dates.

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