12 Best Gifts Under $50 for Your Employees

12 Best Gifts Under $50 for Your Employees

September 19, 2023

Managing large teams presents unique challenges, especially when it comes to ensuring every employee feels recognized and valued. In the age of hybrid work, coordinating schedules for one-on-ones or team gatherings can be a complex maze.

However, there's a simple solution: thoughtful, affordable gifts. These gestures can effectively convey your appreciation for your team's hard work and dedication. At Postal, we champion the significance of offline engagement in our increasingly digital world. We're here to guide you, not just in selecting the perfect gifts, but also in crafting a holistic offline engagement strategy.

To kickstart your efforts, here are 12 standout employee gift ideas under $50, tailored for larger teams.

12 Fantastic Employee Gift Ideas Under $50

1. Pump'Kin Spice Candle

Pumpkin spice and autumn—they’re like peanut butter and jelly. As the kids get settled into school and the leaves start to turn, give your employees a genuine autumnal experience with the Pump’Kin Spice Candle by Kin Candle. With a balanced blend of toasted pumpkin, brown sugar, and vanilla, it recalls simple moments like family gatherings and pumpkin carving sessions. Made with natural coconut wax and essential oils, it ensures a clean and lasting burn.


2. Gallery Cafe Guatemala Coffee Beans

The Gallery Cafe's light roast coffee beans from Huehuetenango, Guatemala, stand out for their distinct flavor profile. With clear notes of brown sugar, milk chocolate, and sweet cherry, these beans provide a robust and satisfying cup, ideal for those who value quality in their morning brew. It’s the perfect pick for the java lovers on your team.

3. Asia Yuzu Chocolate

Indulge your employees in a unique sensory experience with Conspiracy Chocolate's Asia Yuzu Chocolate. This distinct flavor, inspired by the citrusy notes of Yuzu, offers a harmonious blend of sweetness with a subtle tang, making it a delightful break from the usual chocolate varieties. What sets this treat apart is its commitment to the environment; each bar is encased in 100% compostable packaging, reflecting a dedication to sustainability. It's more than just a chocolate — it's a statement of eco-conscious indulgence.

When it comes to corporate gifting, make a positive impact on the environment by choosing sustainable corporate gifts that align with your company's values.

4. Fahlo Polar Bear Tracking Bracelet

Introduce your team to a blend of style and purpose with the Fahlo Polar Bear Tracking Bracelet. More than just a fashionable accessory, this bracelet offers its wearers a unique opportunity to connect with nature. Each one is linked to a real polar bear, allowing its owner to delve into the bear's world, track its movements, and learn fascinating details about its life. Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase goes towards the conservation efforts of Polar Bears International, ensuring that every bracelet contributes to the well-being of these majestic creatures. It's a gift that resonates with both style and substance.

5. 100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings: How to Get By Without Even Trying

Equip your team with a lighthearted guide that offers a satirical take on the world of corporate meetings. "100 Tricks to Appear Smart in Meetings" delves into the often humorous intricacies of workplace dynamics, providing readers with playful strategies to navigate and shine in meetings. While the book is filled with comedic advice, it also subtly highlights the quirks and nuances of professional interactions, making it both an entertaining read and a conversation starter. It's a delightful way to bring a smile to your employees' faces while also sparking discussions on workplace culture.

6. Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set

Elevate your employees' culinary experiences with the Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set. Crafted with precision, this set boasts a sleek design, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. The slide-out drawer reveals a set of stainless steel knives, ensuring that the right tool is always within reach during those gourmet cheese-tasting sessions. Whether hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet evening with family, this cheese board set is an ideal gift for charcuterie enthusiasts.Sun Bum Premium Day Tripper

7. Sun Bum Premium Day Tripper

Equip your team for sun-soaked adventures with the Sun Bum Premium Day Tripper set. This comprehensive kit offers a holistic approach to sun care, ensuring that your employees remain protected while soaking up some rays. The moisturizing sunscreen provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection, while the hydrating after-sun lotion offers relief and rejuvenation for sun-exposed skin. To round off the set, the SPF lip balm ensures that lips remain soft and shielded. Whether they're heading to the beach, hiking, or simply enjoying a day out, this Sun Bum trio ensures that they're well-prepared.

8. Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge

Encourage an eco-friendly approach to daily chores with the Biodegradable Natural Kitchen Sponge. Crafted from sustainable materials like walnut, coconut fiber, and natural wood cellulose, these sponges offer an effective cleaning solution while remaining easy on the environment. Their natural composition ensures a gentle yet efficient clean, suitable for a variety of kitchen tasks. It's a step towards a greener kitchen and a more sustainable future.

9. Reusable Produce Bags

Champion eco-friendly practices in daily routines with these Reusable Produce Bags. Crafted from high-quality organic cotton mesh, these bags are a durable and sustainable alternative to disposable plastic bags commonly used in grocery stores. Their lightweight design and varying sizes make them versatile for carrying a range of produce, from leafy greens to bulkier fruits and vegetables. Giving these to your team encourages a culture of environmental responsibility and reducing their carbon footprints, one bag at a time.

10. EU Organic Black and Green Tea Gift Set Nordic

Elevate the tea-drinking experience for your team with the EU Organic Black and Green Tea Gift Set from PLUKT. Sourced from the pristine Nordic regions, this set offers a curated selection of teas that capture the essence of natural flavors in every sip. The Nordic Black tea, made from fermented wild Fireweed leaves, and the Nordic Green tea, crafted from dried wild Fireweed, both present a unique flavor profile that's both invigorating and soothing. Packaged in an elegant gift box with biodegradable pyramid tea bags, this set is an invitation to relax, rejuvenate, and savor the rich traditions of Nordic tea culture.

11. Emotional Intelligence 2.0

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, understanding and managing emotions play a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and productivity. "Emotional Intelligence 2.0" serves as a comprehensive guide, providing readers with a deeper understanding of their own emotions and those of others. By delving into the core components of emotional intelligence, such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management, this book offers practical strategies to enhance interpersonal dynamics. Look forward to more productive meetings after your employees get through this insightful read.

12. Large Beach Tote Bag

Versatility meets style with this Large Beach Tote Bag. Crafted with attention to detail, this bag is spacious enough to accommodate all essentials, from beach gear to daily necessities. Its durable design ensures longevity, while the chic aesthetics make it a fashionable choice for various occasions. Whether your employees are planning a sun-soaked day at the beach or a quick trip to the local market, this tote bag stands as a testament to functionality combined with flair.

These Employee Gift Ideas Under $50 Are An Easy Way To Show Appreciation

Fostering a vibrant team culture doesn’t have to break the bank. These gifts under $50 are a quick and easy way to boost your employees’ spirits, no matter if they’re working from home or in the office. Discover our article on team gift ideas for more inspiration. For cheaper gift options discover our blog post on employee gifts under $10.

While these gifts are sure to delight your team, integrating them into a broader engagement strategy can amplify their impact. With Postal's platform, you're empowered to curate meaningful experiences that resonate. It's not just about the gift; it's about the thought, the connection, and the lasting impression it leaves. Chat with us at Postal and let's refine the art of appreciation through offline engagement strategies.

Alex Barca
Alex Barca

Alex Barca is the Director of Demand Generation at Postal, where she oversees paid acquisition, direct mail, corporate gifting, and inbound sales development. Prior to Postal, Alex worked across marketing functions at Bullhorn and Curata. Outside of work, Alex enjoys watching reality TV and spending time with family and friends in the NYC area.

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Want to keep your employees happy and engaged?
Postal makes it easy to show them you care with timely gifts, swag and personalized attentions
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