July 2022 Marketplace Catalog

July brought exciting new seasonal offerings on the Postal Marketplace—scroll through our catalog and explore the variety of featured summertime products.

Postal Preferred Vendors

The Postal Preferred Vendor Program celebrates and rewards the top vendors on the Postal Marketplace that deliver the ultimate recipient experience. These vendors also align with Postal’s core values and make a positive impact in their communities every day.

The Barrel Tap has expanded their liquor options to include new premium whiskies available now!

Teak & Twine has new summer themed gift sets available for the perfect ice cream, pool or camping occasion. 


Gift Cards have been added for Austria, Finland, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Italy, Spain, and Luxembourg

Gift Baskets Overseas has over 40 new gift baskets that have been added with the ability to ship to Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, China, Israel, Singapore, India, Costa Rica, South Africa, Bulgaria, Germany, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, UAE, Switzerland, Sweden, and Brazil. 

Bundles has curated a selection of mixers and drinks kits including the vodka bundle, the gin bundle, and the rum bundle for the United Kingdom with great shipping prices. 

Appointed now has Canadian stationary and WFH gift sets available.

Carnivore Club is a new Canadian/US vendor offering cured meat boxes that are created with the finest meats from artisans around the world. Tired of sending a dozen roses? Try sending a beautiful bouquet of jerky!

Discover our latest guide on international gifting for more information.

US Sends

Handwritten by Kiki has new gift card options available for her beautifully handwritten cards that can now include a physical UberEats, Panera, Amazon, and Starbucks gift card in each order.

E-Tailer has a new dairy free ice cream party pack that is just in time for summer and an excellent option to ensure there is a frozen treat everyone can enjoy!

Harco has added Yeti Picnic packs to the marketplace, so if anyone asks about a Yeti cooler, send them here!

Bake Eat Love now has banana foster sticky buns, raspberry and chocolate eclairs, and orange creamsicle cupcakes that are an awesome activity for those with young ones, or anyone who loves to bake!

Pomp has a curated collection of hand-picked flowers straight from the farm with blooms that are bigger, fresher, and longer-lasting. 

Beer Bats has MLB themed beer drinking cups in the shape of baseball bats and is the perfect gift for any baseball lovers this season.

San Diablo Churros has the best DIY at home churro kits with various fillings, flavors, and all the tools needed for a fun time for adults or little ones.

Leon & George has added more aesthetically pleasing plants that make a great gift for any occasion—housewarming, birthdays, and more.

Box Bar is a new vendor and has curated gift baskets with self care supplies, candles, coffee, and snacks.

Minerva Wine has added new single bottle options and now has a Napa Valley Chardonnay available.

Emporium Pies has new apple, pecan, cherry, and decadent chocolate and vanilla swirled pies that are the perfect way to sweeten anyone up :)

Get Maine Lobsters are sent directly from the dock in Portland, Maine and come in kits with everything needed to make lobster rolls. 

NFL hats have been added for the top 20 NFL teams. 

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Shannon Lenier
Shannon Lenier

Shannon Leiner has 15-plus years of experience in retail merchandising. With expertise in e-commerce and International category growth, she is excited to grow the Postal Marketplace domestically as well as internationally.

Want to stop wasting time and budget on lackluster corporate gifts?
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Want to stop wasting time and budget on lackluster corporate gifts?
Deliver an exceptionnal and personalized gifting experience in 10x less time than before
Show Me How