MagicLink from Postal

Are your email response rates on the decline...or are you looking for a way to increase the conversions of your sales or marketing email sequences across the board?

Postal's release of MagicLink, is the solution you've been waiting's MAGIC. MagicLink from Postal bridges the challenge of sourcing a gift and then manually sending it to each prospect. It's as easy as create, copy, paste!

There's no better way to lift your digital campaigns by adding a personal experience like a shared meal, a relevant book, or an invitation to a virtual happy hour.

With MagicLink, you can achieve the following:

Send any Postal item through a link. Users can create a link for any item in the Postal Marketplace, assign a budget to the link, and then copy and paste it into existing workflows.

Add a Postal item to existing email campaigns or sequences. By adding MagicLink to your existing sequences or campaigns offering a free book, gift-card, lunch or piece of swag, you will increase the overall conversion of the campaign.

Generate leads by including a MagicLink in social posts. Add an interactive element to your social posts by using MagicLink to offer a small gift to your followers.

Set up a virtual swag or book table. Use multiple MagicLinks to provide the option to select from a number of items, such as a book selection or various pieces of swag.

Manage the budget, controls, and reporting in one place. You have controls over the link to avoid overspend, and it even tracks and notifies you when someone accepts the item and takes delivery.

Request a Demo of Postal today to learn about how MagicLink will help you create memorable experiences and lasting connections.

Shadi Majzoub
Shadi Majzoub

Customer-focused product leader, passionate about clearly articulating value and motivating teams.