How Unreal Digital Group Optimized Sales Enablement Campaigns

How Unreal Digital Group Optimized Sales Enablement Campaigns

January 12, 2022

I recently had the opportunity to discuss the impact of Offline Marketing Automation on Unreal Digital Group's sales enablement campaigns. Here's what their Co-Founder and Director of Marketing Technology had to say.

Cari Baldwin, Co-Founder of Unreal Digital Group, needed a way to easily create a campaign, then identify a group of people who fit the profile, and target them for direct mail or virtual events. Garrett Erny, Director of Marketing Technology and the HubSpot guru on their team, wanted a tool that was already in their ecosystem that would help them follow up on Postal campaigns.

Who is Unreal Digital Group?

Unreal Digital Group is a full service demand gen and content marketing agency primarily serving B2B companies looking to create unique campaigns to engage their prospects. They use HubSpot for sales and marketing, and some of their clients use HubSpot, as well.

They use Postal for sales enablement, recently utilizing Postal Events with potential clients as a bottom-of-the-funnel engagement tool.

With the Postal workflow integration with HubSpot , the UDG team could use the same interface to build Postal campaigns, target audiences, and nurture leads after receiving gifts. The integration gave them insights and an easy way to communicate with prospects and leads right from their HubSpot account.

“It’s the ease of not having to go to different systems, it allows us to have one interface to build campaigns in,” Cari says. “HubSpot gives us the insight we wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Using HubSpot + Postal to Engage and Nurture Leads

Garrett has already implemented some workflows with HubSpot and Postal and has plans for more. One of the primary workflows in use is using custom workflow actions. During each phase of the Postal delivery, a HubSpot workflow is triggered to send updates to the recipient along the way. When a Postal is confirmed, using another HubSpot workflow, they can follow up with recipients, send a thank you, and drop them into another nurture workflow.

Sending delivery updates throughout the Postal process has created engaging touchpoints along the way, which has been particularly useful for bigger ticket items on Postal.

“That’s been the biggest benefit right away, to send those thank you follow-up emails,” Garrett says. “The HubSpot integration provides that follow up email delivery and the hand holding process of tracking.”

With the newfound ability to nurture using Postal data in HubSpot workflows, UDG can:

  • Send thank you emails and create email nurturing workflows based on Postal actions
  • Create nurturing workflows during the Postal delivery process, adding additional touchpoints and opportunities for engagement
  • Send surveys to optimize their sales enablement workflows and find out which Postal offerings best resonate with their audience

The Postal workflow integration with HubSpot has improved the user experience as well. With frequent updates throughout the gift delivery process, customers are more engaged and less likely to reach out or wonder the status of their delivery. Previously, emails might have been sent days later or didn’t match real-time delivery updates, creating a less than ideal experience for the end recipient.

Optimizing Sales Enablement with Automated Workflows in HubSpot

UDG uses the integration both for themselves and their customers. They are able to target certain gift recipients based on HubSpot data then automate a Postal send using workflows, using HubSpot fields like title to identify decision makers, getting the most out of Postal and their marketing budget.

“I can create a campaign in HubSpot and pick the virtual event, which is turnkey from Postal’s side. They have all these relationships with brands and events, like Second City and other virtual offerings. We just say who we want and provide the data, and we drive registration. They handle logistics and everything else,” Cari says.This has allowed UDG to scale their sales enablement efforts, access rich data insights along the way, and engage with new clients.

“We can get 10 of these Postals going, optimizing the account planning process for sales,” Cari adds. “It’s an intentional— not broad— opportunity to bring unique, engaging experiences to the sales and marketing program. It’s a great tool to have in the marketer’s toolbox.”Here’s an example of UDG’s nurturing/follow up workflow. At each phase of the Postal delivery, they have created automated follow up emails in HubSpot to check in on recipients.

Automated Follow Up Emails for Postal Gifts Based on Status - Gift X - Status Queued WF
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Another use case for UDG is leveraging their HubSpot data to target and automate Postal sends to the best recipient possible. For example, they can target bigger ticket gifts to go to those who are director level or higher.

Automating Postal Gifts Based on Contact Properties in HubSpot Eligible for Gift X - SAMPLE WF V1
“Being able to connect to HubSpot and knowing a recipient’s job title or job role gives us the targeting abilities to avoid sending a $50 item to a more junior person, maximizing our sales and marketing budget,”
Garrett says.

“Knowing who’s who helps us distinguish between who made the action or clicked and who is the decision maker, creating more targeted interactions.”

“I can’t imagine doing it any other way, both on the shipping side and nurturing side—  it would be extremely manual,” Cari adds.

For Cari, Garrett, and team, the Postal workflow integration with HubSpot has given them ideas for more sales enablement projects and even client campaigns. “It opens more doors and possibilities, and keeps it all in one tool,” Garrett says.

To learn more about how you can supercharge your HubSpot workflows, please request a demo and we will take you through the ins-and-outs.

Mandy Thompson
Mandy Thompson

Mandy is the Chief Revenue Officer at Digital Reach Online Solutions. She leads by taking a holistic approach—learning, listening, and solving problems by asking thoughtful questions. Mandy is a HubSpot expert and excels at closing loops with well-designed automation and AI.

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Want to increase your sales pipeline by +17%?
That's what Postal clients achieve on average after 3 months using the platform.
Increase My Sales Pipeline