The 8 Best Gifts for Guest Speakers and Presenters

The 8 Best Gifts for Guest Speakers and Presenters

August 28, 2023

When you invite a guest speaker or presenter to share their expertise at your event, it's a nice gesture of appreciation to offer them a token of gratitude. Selecting the right gift can be a challenge, but it's an opportunity to show your appreciation for their time and insights.

To help you find the perfect "thank you," we’ve selected eight speaker gifts that will surely leave a lasting impression.

Speaker Gifts: Show Your Appreciation For Their Time and Expertise

Recognizing the value of a guest speaker's contribution is essential for fostering strong professional relationships and ensuring the continued success of your events. But why are speaker gifts so crucial, and what benefits do they offer to companies?

Strengthening Professional Ties

Gifting is a universal gesture of appreciation. By offering a token of gratitude to your guest speakers, you're not only acknowledging their expertise but also building a foundation for future collaborations. It's a simple way to nurture and strengthen professional ties.

Enhancing Company Reputation

Word travels fast in professional circles. When speakers feel valued and appreciated, they're more likely to speak positively about their experience with your organization. This can enhance your company's reputation, making it easier to attract top-tier talent for future events.

Encouraging Repeat Engagements

A memorable gift can be the deciding factor for a speaker considering a return engagement. It's a tangible reminder of the positive experience they had with your organization, making them more inclined to collaborate again.

Demonstrating Company Values

The type of gift you choose can reflect your company's values. Eco-friendly products, for instance, can showcase your commitment to sustainability. High-quality items can emphasize a dedication to excellence. Through thoughtful gifting, you can subtly communicate what your organization stands for.

Boosting Morale and Engagement

When employees see external experts being appreciated, it sets a positive precedent. It reinforces the idea that the company values contributions, which can boost internal morale and engagement.

Ultimately, speaker gifts are more than just tokens of appreciation. They're strategic tools that can yield significant benefits for your company. By investing in thoughtful gifts, you're not only thanking your guest speakers but also paving the way for continued success and growth for your organization.

Now, let’s review some of the best options on the market today.


The Best Speaker and Presenter Gifts

1. HD Web Camera

In a time when virtual meetings and presentations have become the norm, the importance of a top-notch web camera cannot be overstated. The Logitech C505 HD webcam stands out in this regard, boasting a 720-pixel resolution that ensures every detail is captured with precision. Whether it's a keynote speech, a collaborative workshop, or a one-on-one consultation, this webcam guarantees a crisp and clear visual experience. Its user-friendly USB connectivity ensures quick setup, making it an invaluable tool for professionals. Gifting this to your guest speaker not only enhances their virtual interactions but also shows that you value the quality of their presentations.

2. Leatherette Charging Mat

Elegance meets functionality with this leatherette charging pad. Mimicking the luxurious feel of genuine leather, it provides an ethical and cost-effective alternative without compromising on elegance. Beyond its visual appeal, its superior craftsmanship ensures devices are charged swiftly and safely. It's the perfect gift for tech-savvy speakers who appreciate a blend of style and practicality in their accessories.

3. Music Guitar Table Lamp

For those who appreciate unique decor, this iron-piped guitar table lamp is a standout. Crafted meticulously from high-quality iron piping, it exudes a vintage charm reminiscent of the golden age of rock and roll. But it's not just about aesthetics; the lamp's adjustable arm ensures optimal lighting, catering to reading, writing, or creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation. It's both a functional light source and a conversation piece.

 4. Pioneer in Tasmania - Sea Salt & Coconut Candle

For the guest speaker who values both history and ambiance, the Pioneer in Tasmania candle is a fitting token of appreciation. Crafted with a scent profile reminiscent of the clear Tasmanian beaches, it balances notes of sea salt, coconut, and laurel. Hand-poured in the USA and housed in a sleek matte porcelain vessel, this candle provides a subtle yet captivating aroma.

5. Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler 20oz

For speakers who are constantly on the move, maintaining the ideal temperature for their beverages can be a challenge. Enter the Stanley Adventure Quencher Travel Tumbler. This 20oz tumbler is designed with advanced double-wall vacuum insulation, ensuring that drinks retain their warmth or coolness for extended periods. Whether it's a hot coffee to kickstart a morning presentation or a chilled drink to refresh during a break, this tumbler has got them covered. Crafted from sustainable BPA-free materials, it's not only a nod to quality but also to environmental responsibility, making it a thoughtful gift for eco-conscious professionals.

6. Leather Travel Bag

Traveling in style is an unspoken requirement for many professionals, and a premium leather travel bag is a testament to that. This particular bag combines elegance with functionality, offering ample space for essentials, be it a laptop, documents, or personal items. Its robust design ensures durability, while the fine leather finish exudes sophistication. For guest speakers who often find themselves journeying for lectures or conferences, this bag promises to be a reliable and chic companion.

7. PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger

The on-the-go professional’s toolkit is incomplete without a reliable power source. The PowerCore Essential 20000 Portable Charger is a powerhouse in a compact form. With a staggering 20,000mAh capacity, it ensures that smartphones, tablets, or other devices won't run out of juice during crucial moments, be it during a presentation, a workshop, or while traveling. Its sleek design allows for easy portability, making it an indispensable asset for speakers who rely heavily on their tech gadgets.

8. Main Squeeze Gift Set

Brighten up your guest's day with this lemon-themed gift set. It’s a delightful ensemble of lemon-inspired items, curated to invigorate and relax. From the aromatic lemongrass bath bomb that promises a spa-like experience to the vibrant lemon tea towel that adds a dash of cheer to any space, this set is a blend of utility and luxury. It's a thoughtful gesture, symbolizing appreciation and the desire to offer a refreshing break to hardworking guest speakers.

Leave a Lasting Impression With These Speaker Gifts

Expressing gratitude to your guest speakers through meaningful gifts can solidify professional ties and pave the way for fruitful future collaborations. If you're keen on personalizing speaker gifts or seeking more unique ideas, we invite you to request a demo with Postal. Let us assist you in crafting the ideal expression of appreciation.

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Want to stop wasting time and budget on lackluster corporate gifts?
Deliver an exceptional and personalized gifting experience in 10x less time than before
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Want to stop wasting time and budget on lackluster corporate gifts?
Deliver an exceptional and personalized gifting experience in 10x less time than before
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