Send the best corporate gifts to your customers

Explore the best corporate gifts for clients that customer-facing teams are sending to build loyalty and drive renewals.

Best Corporate Gifts For Clients

Best Corporate Gifts For Clients

In nearly any business, client and customer experience are important. In highly competitive markets, customer experience can sometimes be the single factor that choices in service or goods hinge on. Excellent customer service can also prompt referrals and return customers. Customer and client experience can boil down to a broad set of factors, ranging from the time it takes to answer queries to specific services available to customers and clients.

One of the ways many organizations enhance customer and client experience is through careful gifting efforts as well. Client gifting use cases are many, and they range from onboarding new clients and offering gifts to celebrate milestones for existing clients to solving problems for clients, and requesting feedback on service experiences.

However you use client gifting to enhance client experiences and celebrate important relationships, the best corporate gifts for clients will be taken as meaningful gestures of goodwill. Thank you gifts for clients, and other gifts that aim to send a message of appreciation should feel authentic, and foster genuine connections.

Gifts to welcome new clients, or sending gifts to potential clients can be challenging, as it can be more difficult to personalize gifts for new relationships, but gift ideas for professionals that leverage universality and usefulness can be the way to go. For example, you may not know whether a new client enjoys golf or not—making a golf-themed gift questionable—yet sending an assortment of tasty food may be more universally appealing.

Giving recipients a choice of gifts to choose from can also work well. Through some gifting platforms, you may have the option of attaching links directly to emails or other digital outreach, and those links may enable you to offer recipients a choice of gifts. You might offer a new client a choice between a self-care gift, a plant for their office, or a nice bottle of wine, for instance.

Best Corporate Gifts 2022

2022 has been a busy year in corporate gifting. Many organizations have embraced gifting as a way to bring together remote teams, and foster positive work cultures in a time when many workers have shifted positions, and begun working remotely, or are transitioning back to office work. Many companies have opted to use gift cards for gifting—which can be excellent when sending bulk gifts, but can fall flat when compared to individual personalized corporate gifts. There may be a few reasons companies have opted to use gift cards for gifting so frequently, however.

Gifts for business professionals can take many forms, and sourcing and sending gifts for business professionals can present numerous challenges for gifters. According to Coresight Research’s 2022 report, Unboxed: The $258 Billion US Corporate Gifting Opportunity, challenges faced by companies included “inability to purchase gifts from multiple brands/retailers,” and “managing gift inventory/storage and shipping,” among others. For companies that manage their gifting strategy in entirety, these challenges might be steeper than for companies who outsource some of their gifting efforts.

Still, it’s important to send the intended message with a gift—a gift that sends the wrong message can be ineffective at best and counterproductive at worst. The best corporate gifts, in 2022 or otherwise, will send a clear message of appreciation and be taken as personal and authentic.

Corporate gift ideas for customers which leverage thoughtful sentiment and authenticity can be far more effective than generic bulk gifts—and some gifts can feel personal without the need for a recipient’s life story. For example, Business Insider lists Vosges chocolates, and wireless chargers among creative corporate gifts. Equally important, corporate gift ideas for executives can easily feel thoughtful rather than generic—a steak dinner, high-end office essentials, a nice bottle of wine and some glasses.

Promotional Gifts For Customers

Promotional gifts for customers are a strong way to generate interest in new products and services. Depending on the occasion, different gifts may be more or less appropriate, and seasonal gifts can feel relevant and interesting. Near the year-end, holiday gifts for clients have the power to bring cheer and get customers excited about promotions, all while evoking seasonal fun. In warmer months, summer and spring themed gifts can tie positive experiences together to create strong positive feelings.

These summer client gift boxes can take recipients on a summer journey:

  • The Summer Camp: Take your recipient back to summer camp memories. With a citronella candle, and non-alcoholic mixer, recipients will be prepared for evenings outside, enjoying the warm weather. With instant coffee, sunscreen, plaid matches, and water bottle, they’ll be ready for everything else.
  • Coastal Summer Gift Box: As summer memories go, many favorites include beaches and seasides. Evoke those feelings with this gift set, including a Moscow Mule kit, coffee chocolate bar, air plant holder and car freshener.

These fall client gift ideas embrace fall feelings to create memorable autumn experiences:

  • Flavors of Fall Box: Give your recipients an amazing way to enjoy cooler days and fall evenings with this gift set that includes Wild Bill's Pumpkin Soda, Gourmet Popinsanity- Baked Apple Cinnamon Popcorn, and a Grace & Love Candle Fall Scented Candle.
  • Fall Harvest Gift Tower: This gift set leans heavily into savory fall flavors—including summer sausage, red pepper jelly, crackers and cheeses. It’s a wonderful way to embrace the season with some amazing flavors. 

Branded Gifts For Clients

It’s important that corporate gifts make a positive impression on recipients. It’s also important that that impression is meaningful and memorable. One way to tie these positive experiences with your brand is through branded gifts for clients. Branded corporate gifts—especially ones which are particularly memorable, useful, and enjoyable—enable you to make the most of your gifting efforts, spreading brand presence and creating positive memories that recipients can always tie back to your brand.

Customized corporate gifts that contain brand logos can help increase brand recall in recipients, giving them a reminder of your brand that they can look at frequently. The best corporate branded gifts will be useful, memorable, or both. Gifts that are particularly useful and will be used often—mugs, backpacks, sweaters—may be particularly effective, as recipients will see them often if they use them regularly.

Unique corporate logo gifts can also be effective, as they can be some of the most memorable, and recipients will be able to tie those lasting memories to your brand. Luxury corporate gifts have the power to offer memorable experiences that won’t soon be forgotten. Being able to tie them with your brand can be invaluable.

Unique Client Gift Ideas

Gifting isn’t an uncommon approach to outreach. While it’s excellent that gifting is a common practice in business, and it shows a positive and very human side to business, it also means that it can be crucial that gifts stand out among the rest in order for them to be as effective as they can be.

Unique corporate gifts can be more memorable than generic counterparts, and that can be highly important. Whether you’re sending experiences, food or drink, digital gifts, or corporate gift baskets, finding ways to create unique experiences is important—at any level. Unique executive gifts and unique high end corporate gifts can outperform generic counterparts, even of similar monetary value, as generic gifts can simply be more forgettable.

These unique client gift ideas can create lasting memories:

  • Neptune Rising Cocktail: This dark colored take on a Blue Hawaiian cocktail is anything but forgettable. With a distinct color, and garnished with dried lotus root, offer your recipient an unforgettable cocktail experience from Cocktail Courier.
  • The Good Hurt Fuego BBQ Rubs: If your recipient loves the spicier things in life, this gift set might be perfect for them. With 7 distinct “tongue tingling” BBQ rubs, recipients will find new ways to love barbecue. 

Gift Ideas For VIP Clients

Sometimes, it’s essential to impress. Luxury and high end gifts are ideal for VIP recipients, whether they’re prospects, clients, customers. Finding the right premium gift ideas for VIPs can be a challenge, but some unique gifts are sure to impress. Whether you’re looking for the perfect high end corporate Christmas gifts, or finding ways to celebrate colleagues with the perfect corporate gift ideas, the same rules apply as with other gifts—unique, memorable, personal gifts have the power to perform. From luxury virtual gifts, to premium experiences, it's important to stand out.

These gift ideas for VIP clients:

  • Aervana Travel Portable Electric Wine Aerator: Just because you’re on the go, doesn’t mean you should have to miss out on the flavor of properly aerated wine at the end of a busy day. With this electric wine aerator, designed specifically for travel, your recipient won’t need to.
  • Hypervolt2 Percussion Massage Device: Send a clear message to your recipient—it’s time for some them-time. This percussion massager sends that message with bluetooth capabilities, three distinct speeds, and pressure sensors built in.

Best Corporate Gifts For Employees

Just as client gifts are a powerful way to enhance customer and client experiences, corporate gifts for employees are a great way to enhance work culture and bring team members together. With many teams operating remotely over wide geographic areas post-Covid, and a competitive market for employers, finding ways to reward excellence and foster a positive work culture is essential.

The best corporate gifts for employees, just as with clients, will feel personal, meaningful, and authentic. Inexpensive motivational gifts for employees can also work well to foster positive feelings, but it’s important that they demonstrate genuine positive intentions. Personalized gifts for employees can significantly outperform generic counterparts and create lasting positive memories. 

Whether you’re looking for new ways to invigorate your gifting strategy for customer promotions, to bring client relationships closer than ever, or to foster a positive work environment for valued team members, Postal can help. Be sure to request a demo, and see for yourself why customer success teams are using it to drive customer loyalty and renewals. With a vast marketplace full of vendors and gift options, powerful automation tools, and centralization that takes the guesswork out of gifting, Postal can help you scale your gifting efforts, keep gifting personal, and create memorable experiences without the hassle of excessive manual oversight.

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