Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

See top-performing client gifts for the holiday season that customer success teams are using to engage and renew key accounts.

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

Client Holiday Gifts

There’s no better way to enjoy the holiday season than by giving thanks to those who have supported your businesses. You can give corporate gift boxes or corporate holiday gifts to clients, employees, or business partners to show your recognition and appreciation.

Your clients and customers are what make your business profitable, so putting a little extra effort into creating the perfect business gifts for clients is well worth your time. Client gifts might be personalized or customized corporate gifts that include your logo and brand aesthetic, or they may simply be items you know your client will enjoy. There are near endless corporate holiday gift ideas, so you’re sure to find something for everyone.

Sending corporate gifts during the holidays is all about celebrating the wins that your clients and other stakeholders have helped you achieve, including your employees and business partners.

Corporate gifts for employees can be even more personalized, as you’re better able to figure out their preferences and tastes. This is a chance for you to do more than send a holiday-themed gift card for a free coffee to your employees—you can increase their loyalty to your company by showing them you care with a thoughtful gift.

All this corporate holiday gifting also gives you a chance to promote your business. If you’re sending out high-quality gifts and including your best corporate swag, your brand will get more exposure.

The bottom line is that this season isn’t only about sending out client gifts. Holidays are the perfect time to show everyone with a stake in your business that you’re thankful for them. Giving out gifts during the holidays is a great investment that you will not regret. Appreciation makes employees, business partners, and clients feel good about the work or support they show to your business.

Unique Client Holiday Gift Ideas

One of the main things a business relies on is the impressions its clients have of the company. In order for your gift to grab attention, you want to make sure you are giving them unique corporate gifts. Right off the bat, this may sound like something outside of your budget, but you can create a great holiday gifting campaign even with a tight budget.

Some examples of unique client gifts ideas might include:

  • Tea kits
  • Personalized snack gift baskets
  • Cocktail glasses
  • Customized winter apparel
  • Coffee or hot cocoa sets
  • Holiday “unwind” boxes, with candles, scented lotions, tea, etc.

These client gift ideas can also be used earlier in the season. For example, if you’re looking for fall client gift ideas, you can opt for more autumn-themed items in the gift baskets and kits you send. The point of unique, high-end corporate gifts is to set you apart in clients’ minds as a brand that truly cares about their business with you.

Though a high-end gift might be more fitting for a high-value client, any gift is a welcome gift for customers. Giving people things for free is a great way to stick in their minds. Here are a few free gift ideas for customers that shouldn’t cost you a lot either:

  • Personal, handwritten notes
  • Free services or upgrades after a certain milestone is met
  • A free branded swag item after a certain milestone is met

There are many ways to make your gifts to clients unique and impactful if you spend some time thinking outside the box.

Holiday Gift Ideas For VIP Clients

Choosing the perfect gift for your clients might not be as easy as it sounds. This is especially true when dealing with high-end customers, as it can be challenging to choose the right gift to impress them with.

Having a solid relationship with VIP clients is crucial if you want to have a successful business, so make sure you create a plan for sending our VIP gifts this holiday season. Client gifting use cases include awarding customers for usage, which means recognizing top clients with VIP corporate gifts. The holidays are the perfect time to put this strategy into action and give your top buyers luxury branded gifts that clearly show your appreciation.

If you really want to wow a client, consider investing in some of the following gift ideas for VIP clients:

  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Wireless charging pad
  • High-quality blankets and throws
  • High-end kits and baskets, such as a spa basket, cocktail kit, or snack box
  • Luxury corporate gifts with logos, such as Patagonia jackets or other winter apparel
  • Leather tote bag
  • Personalized pet apparel, such as collars or sweaters

These are just a few premium gift ideas that will have your VIP clients excited to continue working with you.

When you offer your top clients unique executive gifts, you display your business in a positive light. When deciding which gifts to get your VIP clients, take into consideration what each customer is like if you can. Their personalities, passions, and professions matter when coming up with gift ideas.

Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas For Clients

When sending a holiday gift to clients, you want to make it meaningful to them. Of course, without your clients, your business would not be able to run, so they deserve some acknowledgment.

Giving gifts is an excellent way to ensure customers keep coming back, as well as bringing potential new clients in. If you can do this without breaking the bank, that’s even better for you and your budget.

If you’re not sure how to start off your holiday gifting campaign on a tight budget because you still want to provide meaningful gifts for clients, look no further. Here are some gift ideas for clients—inexpensive edition: 

  • Calendars
  • Journals
  • Plants
  • Gift Cards 
  • Personalized coffee mugs
  • Candles

No matter the size of your gift, sending something to a client ensures you stand out from other businesses. Here are some fun client gift ideas under $20:

  • Soap or lotion
  • Water bottle  
  • Tea
  • Planner
  • Coffee or cocoa
  • Notepad

Regardless of how expensive your gift is, you want to make sure to provide meaningful gifts for clients. Take the time to know your customers to ensure that what you get them this holiday season will stick with them and make them feel valued.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Business Partners

Gift-giving is an art, so be strategic with it. You want to make an impression on clients, employees, and business partners to show them beyond a shadow of a doubt that you appreciate their time and efforts with your company.

There are many reasons to give branded corporate gifts to your business partners. For starters, partner incentive is crucial if you want them to remain loyal to you and the company. This will help also help strengthen relationships, help partners feel valued, and will grow brand awareness.

Since your business partners are professionals, gift ideas for business partners will essentially be the same as gift ideas for professionals. Here are some ideas for both:

  • Office supplies, such as desk organization accessories, desk pads, high–end pens, etc.
  • Mini bar kit with mixers and glasses
  • Gift baskets for business partners, including wine baskets or movie night baskets
  • Luxury gifts for business partners, including watches, headphones, or briefcases
  • Electronic picture frame
  • Golf accessories

You can also lean more toward Christmas gift ideas for business partners, which might include a stocking filled with snacks and candies, or a customized advent calendar. It can be more difficult to come up with gift ideas for new business partners, so spend some time getting to know them before initiating your gifting strategy.

Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

Corporate gifting is increasing in its popularity. Sending personalized corporate gifts allows you to promote your business, increase motivation from employees, can bring in new customers, and makes people look at your brand in a more positive light.

Here are some corporate holiday gift ideas you can use to make your stakeholders happy this holiday season:

  • Boxes with candles, cookies, and cocoa
  • Wine gift set
  • Sweet treat gift boxes
  • Wreath workshop kit
  • Coffee lover's gift set 
  • Branded office supplies 
  • Advent calendars

There are many different options when considering corporate gift ideas such as luxury or inexpensive gifts. You might be more interested in luxury corporate gifts ideas if you’re coming up with corporate gift ideas for executives, whereas you may want more unique corporate gift ideas if you need to produce corporate gift ideas for employees.

Although is it nice to receive any type of gift, you might want to consider personalized corporate gifts. They are personal and show that you care about each one of your employees, customers, and partners. For example, corporate gift ideas for customers might include free products or services that you’ve noticed they purchase or use a lot. This ensures they will actually use and appreciate the gift.

Holiday Gift Packages For Clients

Incorporating gift packages for clients into your gifting strategy is a great way to spread joy. There are so many unique corporate gift baskets you can create for your clients to show them you see and value them. Keep in mind that you can also create personalized gift baskets for employees around the holidays to recognize their hard work and dedication.

If you need some ideas while creating your thank-you gift baskets or luxury corporate gift baskets for the holidays, consider these:

  • Cheese and wine basket
  • Relax/zen package with candles, incense, bath bombs, etc.
  • A baking package that allows recipients to bake their own cookies 
  • Christmas gift basket with an ornament, snacks, and cocoa
  • New year gift basket with a planner, champagne, and New Year’s decor

The best corporate gift baskets are created with the recipient in mind. This way, you can be sure that the client or employee who receives the package will get enjoyment out of it. Corporate gift baskets for clients should be a representation of your appreciation, which means things shouldn’t be thrown together willy-nilly.

To get help with your holiday gifting strategy, sign up for a demo with Postal. Coming up with gift ideas doesn’t have to be difficult, and neither does sourcing and delivering your gifts. See what Postal can do to support your business and wow your stakeholders this holiday season.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you buy your clients Christmas gifts?

It's a thoughtful gesture to express gratitude during the holiday season, but it depends on your client relationship. Consider your relationship's depth and history; small tokens of appreciation can go a long way.

How much should you spend on client Christmas gifts?

The gift's value should align with your client's importance and your budget. Generally, thoughtful gestures, not the price tag, matter most. A range of $20 to $100 per client is a common guideline.

What are some good client presents for Christmas?

Consider personalized gifts, such as handwritten notes, custom calendars, or quality chocolates. Tailor the gift to your client's interests or needs to show thoughtfulness and appreciation.

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