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Custom Corporate Gifts

Custom Corporate Gifts

Since corporate gifting is all about underscoring the value of relationships, finding ways to make gifting feel personal and come across as meaningful is crucial. One of the best ways to do just that is through sending custom corporate gifts. Custom gifts can be individually customized, or curated to create custom experiences.

Whether you’re sending small gifts as frequent gestures of employee appreciation as part of a larger overall employee appreciation strategy, offering gestures of thanks to prospects after meeting, utilizing gifting incentives as a part of a strategy for marketing teams to more easily generate leads, using gifting to bolster the conversion efforts of sales teams, or using gifting as a way to affirm to valued customers how much they’re valued, custom corporate gifts hold the power to send a strong message that a gift was personal, meaningful, and well-intentioned.

For some recipients, it’s important to impress and wow. High end gifts can often serve that purpose, and custom high end gifts can be an even stronger way to say “I value our relationship.” Luxury swag is an excellent way to engage with customers, prospects, and customers alike. Spreading brand presence, and tying your gift to your brand, branded gifts for employees, customers, and partners serve as strong reminders of your commitment to positive relationships within and outside of your organization.

If you’re looking for the best corporate gifts in 2022, keep in mind the working situation of your recipients. Even as pandemic related restrictions wane, many organizations have expanded their remote roles, or have kept employees operating in a remote or hybrid format. Self care items make excellent gifts for remote workers, and office essentials make excellent gifts for remote workers who are making a new transition from the office to a home office. 

Unique Corporate Gifts

Finding a unique corporate gift can be an important part of ensuring that your gifting efforts are memorable. Hard to forget gifts that are particularly novel, particularly useful, or particularly delighting can be effective at driving long-term results and leaving a lasting impression.

For rewarding particularly high-achieving employees, unique luxury corporate gifts are an effective way to show that you value and appreciate their dedication and loyalty which have culminated in their success in the organization. These corporate gift ideas for employees are unique and memorable ways to say “thank you,” and show genuine appreciation:

  • Rosé Picnic Pack: Complete with artisanal cheese, crackers, jam, a bottle of rosé, and even two glasses, offer recipients everything they need for a delightful toast to time at an excellent organization.
  • The Spice of Life: For employees who are as passionate about cooking as they are their role, this cooking gift box offers excellent ways to spice things up in the kitchen, including an heirloom vegetable cook book, pica chile pepper seed mix by Hudson Valley Seed Company, chilli spice by Diaspora Co., and small batch olive oil by The Gay Farmer.

Branded corporate gifts are an excellent way to spread brand presence within and outside of your organization. As employee gifts, personalized corporate gifts that are branded are a strong way to offer delightful experiences to valued team members and tie them to a brand they can be proud to be a part of. As client, customer, and partner gifts, they offer delightful experiences that strengthen important relationships and spread brand awareness. These unique client gift ideas can tie your brand with amazing experiences that can be hard to forget:

  • Custom Noms Gourmet Cookies: A gorgeous wooden box, with your own branding laser-etched into the top. Inside, delectable cookies. There’s hardly a better way to offer the gift of cookies and tie it back to our brand. You might have trouble finding someone who doesn’t enjoy at least the occasional cookie. With this box you can delight them, and remind them of your brand at the same time.
  • Customized Client Bottle: What’s better than a bottle of La Cuvée Brut Champagne by Dumangin? A La Cuvée Brut Champagne by Dumangin that has a client’s name on it. The bottle itself is an excellent keepsake. Offer recipients a toast to a great relationship.

Luxury Corporate Gifts With Logo

It’s the thought that counts. We hear this all the time, and it can be easy to tune out this persistent advice, but it really does ring true in nearly any gifting situation. It’s important to consider the way a gift is perceived. Does it reflect the value that you hold in a recipient? Is it thoughtful? Is it meaningful? These are important questions to consider as you go about your gifting strategy, especially for go to market teams, as they attempt to make the most positive impressions possible.

Luxury corporate gifts with logos aren’t just a great way to spread your brand presence. They also send a good message—that you really value your relationship with a recipient. Conversely, generic or cheap corporate gifts can send the opposite message—that you didn’t want to put much into a gift—which can be taken as a reflection of how much you value a relationship. Unique corporate logo gifts don’t only offer recipients a positive message about how much you appreciate their business or loyalty, they also tie that experience back to your brand with sharp branding.

Whether you’re offering valued recipients luxury virtual gifts, or high-end corporate Christmas gifts in-person, it’s important to keep in mind the message that a gift sends. It’s important to affirm to recipients that a gift is well-intentioned, and ensure that it’s an adequate reflection of how much you value their ongoing business or engagement. The perceived value of a gift can tell your recipient a lot about what you think of their relationship to your organization. 

Corporate Gifts For Employees

The benefits of an effective employee gifting strategy are numerous. Corporate gifts for employees can help teams that are adjusting to their roles as remote workers and bring remote teams closer together, offer tangible incentives for employees to engage with important initiatives, create incentives for high-achievers that make goal-reaching a fun way to engage with their work, and affirm to valued team members that their loyalty and dedication has not gone unnoticed and that they’re an important part of the team.

Gifts for employee appreciation aren’t just a reward for being a part of the company. They offer employers ways to show that they care about their employees on a personal and professional level, as individuals. Personalized gifts for employees are an opportunity for HR teams, people ops teams and bosses to show that a team member isn’t just a worker—that they’re an individual, valued for their contributions, but equally valued for their individuality.

It’s a chance for employers to show that they notice the little things, and they genuinely care about their team members. Unique corporate gifts for employees are a great way to show appreciation for not just a team member's contributions but their presence as an individual.

Company logo gifts for employees aren’t simply an affirmation to commitment that you have to your brand. They’re a gesture that affirms to team members that they’re an important part of the company—that the brand is their brand, and it’s something they can take pride in being an important part of. Branded gifts that are particularly useful serve as a lasting reminder to team members that they’re a part of a great organization and they should be proud of their role in that. 

Personalized Business Gifts For Clients

Customer retention is crucial in most businesses. Retaining clients and customers for the long run keeps up your reputation, becomes an important source of word-of-mouth referral, and can save a lot of money in the long run that would otherwise need to be spent finding new customers or clients constantly. One of the ways organizations work to reduce churn is through making their customer experience as positive as possible. Gifting can play a role in that at various points within a client relationship.

Gifting is an excellent way to welcome new clients in, and offer a gesture of dedication to a positive ongoing relationship. It’s also an excellent way to spark important conversations with long-time clients—about renewal, offering valuable feedback on their experience with services and goods, and even about issues they’ve had with their experience that you’re determined to rectify as soon as possible.

Corporate gifts for clients aren’t just an opportunity to show valued clients and customers how much you appreciate their loyalty and support, they’re also an opportunity to strengthen important relationships on a personal level. Personalized business gifts for clients can show important clients that you value their ongoing business enough to have put some actual thought into their gift. Custom corporate Christmas gifts, and gifts for important milestones, when offered to clients can be a powerful way to show them that you value your relationship with them and care about them.

Personalized gifts can be taken as particularly meaningful, especially when compared to generic impersonal alternatives. Personalized business gifts with logos can combine that gesture with a way to tie delightful experiences with your band.

Whatever your gifting strategy is, whether you’re hoping to improve lead conversion rates, foster a positive work culture within your organization, ensure that customer and clients have a wonderful customer experience, increase the amount of engagement you get through digital channels by combining offline and online outreach, or anything else, Postal can make it easy to make your gifting strategy excel.

With a vast marketplace of vendors and gifting options, powerful automation tools, and a centralized platform from which you can manage every piece of your gifting strategy, Postal makes it easy to send personal meaningful gifts when it counts. Be sure to reach out today for a demo to find out how for yourself.

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