Postal Onboarding Flight Plan

Let your Offline Engagement Takeoff: This guide covers our proven process for helping customers successfully implement Postal without taking up their precious time.

Let your Offline Engagement Takeoff: Postal’s Onboarding Flight Plan

Whether you’re in-evaluation between Offline Engagement solutions or simply trying to gain a better understanding of what onboarding Postal may look like at your organization, this guide will take you through the proven process we use for welcoming our amazing customers to ensure success without taking up your precious time.

Our onboarding process is always customized based on your company needs, but this is a typical onboarding path. It’s broken into three phases to maximize efficiency:

1. Configuration

Here's a visual overview of what onboarding will look like.

Postal onboarding timeline

We are proud to have a world-class support and service organization to help customers overcome every challenge, big or small. There are multiple teams at Postal dedicated to your success—throughout onboarding you’ll meet different members of these four teams to assist you with these goals.

Support organization

Our 3-phase process is designed to set you up for success and accommodate your initial priorities.

Phase 1 - Postal Configuration

Postal configuration

1. Kick off + resource sharing

In this session we’ll build your customized onboarding timeline to work with your team, review the scope of rollout, and confirm communication plans. Here’s what the agenda may look like:

  • Introductions
  • Goal alignment
  • Onboarding timeline
  • Scope of rollout
  • Next steps
  • Questions

Goal alignment

In this part of the onboarding we will review all the priorities and goals for what you’re looking to get out of Postal.

  • Which teams need to be trained during onboarding and which motions need to be prioritized?
  • We’ll want to loop in all the appropriate stakeholders and coordinate any additional meetings based on the teams within your company looking to adopt Postal.
  • What are the immediate priorities around warehousing, swag, or integrations?
  • What does success look like 3 months from now? 6 months? A year from adoption?
  • Align on a quantifiable goal that our team can work towards with you.
Postal integrations

Additional discovery

Hard timelines:
  • Any specific OKRs tied to Postal? 
  • Plans for your first campaign?
  • Postal related events we need to keep in mind?
  • Existing inventory that needs to be warehoused?
  • Upcoming corporate swag order plans?

2. Integrations and warehousing setup (~30 mins)

Warehousing setup

This is to ensure Postal is correctly integrated with your tech stack and that your initial inventory is transitioned into new warehouses properly.

  • Are there any security roadblocks to be aware of?
  • Q&A
  • Triggers

3. Account setup for admin level users (~45 mins)

We’ll lead your desired admins through primary account setup in Postal Engage including email integration and creating teams that support each business unit.

  • Profile settings overview 
  • Marketplace overview 
  • Funding 
  • Branding 
  • Team creation

4. Postal Brand & ABM admin training (~1 hour)

This is the final stage within the configuration phase where we will lead your desired admins through setting up your brand storefront as well as setting up your ABM account. In Postal ABM we will walk you through how to create and manage targeted campaigns.

Phase 2 - Postal Strategy

Postal Strategy

5. Training prep (~30 mins)

Our team will take time to align on our goals for the user training sessions in Phase 3 of enablement:

  • Training plan review 
  • Schedule teams
  • Establish what, when, & how

6. Use case application (~45 mins)

In this session we focus on aligning on your desired Postal use cases and explore other possible tactics for the future. You’ll be introduced to our dedicated campaign strategist, the Paper Plane Agency for custom projects, and our Events Team. Lastly, we’ll review a couple playbooks on how we use Postal internally and share our 2022 Unwrapped Report for more best practices.

  • Sendflow overview
  • Automation capabilities
  • Outlining use cases
  • Revisiting goals
  • Next steps

7. First campaign (~30 mins)

The goal in this stage is to ideate on your first offline campaign and ensure you’re comfortable launching it with Postal by the end of the week. We’ll cover:

Phase 3 - Postal Enablement

Postal Enablement

8. User training session(s)

These are customized training sessions for your team who will be using Postal. We can run these by business unit, segment, or a bulk user training. The end goal of these meetings is to ensure your users are comfortable in the platform and know when, how, and what to send. These training sessions are offered live or prerecorded and cover:

  • How to login and access Postal via the Chrome Extension
  • Setting up your profile to maximize team organization 
  • Marketplace overview to find the perfect item for your recipient(s)
  • Understanding the various send flows to optimize engagement
  • Strategic tactics and playbooks to set you up for success

9. Office hours (~30 mins bi-weekly)

offline office hours

This is an optional open forum for Q/A that will give users and admins a chance to get all of their last minute questions answered. We will offer these 30 minute sessions bi-weekly until achieving desired adoption on your end.

We are dedicated to support the changing needs of your business

Dedicated support

Postal’s dedicated support specialists are always available to ensure the success of your Offline Engagement campaigns and goals.

Our ongoing support doesn’t stop there

Once our onboarding sessions are completed, you’ll be introduced to a member of our customer success team.  Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will continue to support your team’s strategy and tactics as your primary Postal advocate throughout the partnership.

We also host a recurring series of campaign workshops where you will have the chance to hear from one of our Campaign Strategists.  Our goal with these sessions will be to ensure that your team has access to all of the most relevant and up to date strategies on how to let your offline strategy take flight.

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"Some corporate gifting platforms are insanely expensive. Postal is a no-brainer—it's a fraction of the cost of their competitors, and the customer service is top-notch."
Evoque 4
Alice Stern
Senior Marketing Manager
"There are lots of other fancy gifting platforms out there, but none as easy to use, attentive to customer need, or eager to please as Postal."
Fivetran 3
Casey Patterson
Manager, Account Based Marketing
“I have used a couple of corporate gifting tools and Postal is truly *unmatched*. From the ease of sending to the ease of training new senders, the whole experience is enjoyable."
Brooke Rhoades
Customer Marketing Manager

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