Integrate HubSpot with Postal

Set up workflows and triggers to automate offline sends

With Postal and HubSpot, you can integrate gifts and direct mail into your contact-based workflows. Keep your brand top-of-mind by triggering the send of items, collections, and events from the Postal Marketplace to contacts in your nurture campaign or those who’ve reached a specific stage in the deal cycle. View and track the impact of your Postal activity within HubSpot to keep your whole team on the same page.

Integrate HubSpot with Postal


  • Trigger the send of Postal items, collections, or events from any contact-based HubSpot workflow
  • Send one-off Postals directly from the HubSpot Contact Card
  • Track Postal activity within Contact Cards in HubSpot
  • Map new contacts created in Postal back to HubSpot with contact syncing

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Note: Data between HubSpot and Postal refreshes every 15 minutes.

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