Integrate Marketo with Postal

Accelerate your marketing efforts in Marketo by automating offline experiences

The Marketo and Postal integration allows you to personalize and send Postal items, collections, and events at scale using triggers within your Marketo smart campaigns. Send items and experiences that leave a lasting impression and convert prospects to buyers. Postal statuses and recipient actions are tracked back to Marketo so you can measure the success of your campaigns.

Integrate Marketo with Postal


  • Trigger the send of items, collections, or events based on Marketo SmartList criteria
  • Paste MagicLinks into your Marketo emails that can be redeemed by multiple recipients
  • Track order statuses and recipient engagement through activity history in Marketo

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Note: Postal only works with triggered campaigns in Marketo, not batch campaigns. Triggers pull from the Contact Owner’s funds/budget. Using "Send As" just changes the name and email the order is sent from.

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