Integrate Salesloft with Postal

Elevate your cadences with personalized prospect experiences

With the Salesloft integration, you can add items and experiences from the Postal Marketplace into new and existing cadences to personalize your outreach, increase response rates, and nurture your prospects. Use acceptance and delivery notifications as reminders to follow-up with your prospects to generate more engagement.

Integrate Salesloft with Postal


  • Trigger the send of Postal items, collections, or events with a cadence step
  • Send one-off gifts and experiences to prospects using a general task in Salesloft as a reminder or using the Postal Chrome extension within Salesloft
  • Track Postal activity in Salesloft on the contact level

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Note: Data between Salesloft and Postal refreshes every 15 minutes. Also, triggers pull from the Contact Owner’s funds/budget. Using "Send As" just changes the name and email the order is sent from.

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