Integrate Zapier with Postal

Trigger sends from thousands of apps and get notifications right where you want them

The Zapier integration enables you to connect Postal with the apps you already use. Automatically trigger the send of a coffee gift card from your calendar to boost attendance before a demo, or make your customers feel appreciated with the automated send of a bottle of champagne as soon as they complete a Docusign envelope. Keep tabs on your Postal sends without having to log in to the platform, by having them automatically sent to Slack or your email inbox. Zapier helps automate your workflows between Postal and other apps, without requiring any custom code.

Integrate Zapier with Postal


  • Trigger Postal items, collections and events from the more than 5,000 apps that also have a Zapier integration
  • Push Postal notifications to your messaging and email apps with a Zap.
  • View a log of all your Postal/Zapier activity, including all the data that goes in and out of each of your Zap steps, in your Zap History

Already using Zapier and Postal? Here’s how to integrate.

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