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Erik Kostelnik, Patty DuChene

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“Postal has been a game-changer for me and my reps. It's effortless and built into my team's everyday workflow with the browser extension. Postal helps create relationships pre-sales and continue to build them post-sales. Understanding how it impacts deal cycles is the big ticket item for us.”
Seismic 4
Mike Wendahl
Regional Vice President, Mid-Market Sales
“I have used a couple of corporate gifting tools and Postal is truly *unmatched*. From the ease of sending to the ease of training new senders, the whole experience is enjoyable."
Brooke Rhoades
Customer Marketing Manager
“Postal helps speed up my sales cycle and I love it. Allows me to break the ice with purpose. Gifting should mean something. By using Postal I can curate appreciation easily. Compared to other products, no guesswork.”
Willie Little
Account Executive

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