HubSpot x Postal = Your Gift-Giving Dream Team

HubSpot x Postal = Your Gift-Giving Dream Team

July 14, 2022

Gifting made so simple it’s like you cloned a very generous, deeply sentimental version of yourself who remembers everyone’s birthdays.

If you haven’t yet fallen in love with the way HubSpot and Postal fit together, get ready to swoon.

HubSpot & Postal: the one true pairing

Whether you already have HubSpot or you’ve been itching to take it for a spin after hearing the (very real) hype, you probably know it can do a bit of everything: integrate with payment processors, communicate with legacy CRMs, automate business processes, curate content… the works.

Even when a system has this many internal options and outside integrations, it’s tough to find a partner platform that matches up to HubSpot better than Postal. And now’s a great time to tap into the dynamic duo.

Ready to skip to the good stuff and set up HubSpot automations for gifting via Postal? Watch the tutorial.


They have a lot in common

Synergy is special. We see people every day trying to juggle a zillion tech tools that don’t mesh. HubSpot and Postal, though, were practically made for each other. They are both:

  • Simple, yet value-packed
  • Extremely user-friendly out of the box
  • Stacked with customizable options and features
  • Designed to help you connect with people on a more human level

Other platforms focus only on sales or only on email marketing or only on one thing. HubSpot offers a well-rounded experience putting relationships first in every aspect of the platform—just like Postal. It knows your reasons for gifting can run the gamut, just like your customers.

They’ve got their minds on their money and money on their minds

Connecting with people is cool, full stop. Cultivating real relationships through business is a lost art that we’d love to resurrect. It makes getting HubSpot and Postal intrinsically worthwhile.

But we’d be remiss if we didn’t dive into a cost-benefit analysis when it comes to two tech tools your business has to fund and find a use for. So let’s talk about just how worthwhile this pairing can be for users like you.

HubSpot alone already amplifies ROI

According to data from more than 100,000 of its customers in 2021, HubSpot found that Marketing Hub customers saw an average of 181% increase in website traffic and a 159% increase in inbound leads. Sales Hub customers experienced, on average, a 92% increase in deals closed-won and a 41% increase in deal close rate. For both marketing and sales, these results were apparent one year after purchasing the hub.

Combined with the ROI-boosting power of Postal’s gifting features, you’re looking at two unstoppable tools for improving customer experience, fostering stronger relationships, and doing better business. 

Offline marketing is making a comeback

Conferences and trade shows are kicking off again, signaling a restart to long-paused offline marketing hype. In-person experiences and communication you can touch and feel—business cards, handshakes, drink-in-hand networking events—are having their moments in the sun.

However, asynchronicity is soaring, and remote work is the new norm—which many workers aren’t willing to part with. With all that distance, taking personalized marketing offline is trickier than it may have been pre-2020. So how can you make a tangible impression when your employees, prospects, and clients are scattered around the world?

The obvious answer: corporate gifting.

The subsequent question: How in the world do you keep track of the who, what, when, where, why, and how of sending gifts?

When & how to send a corporate gift

We may be biased, but it's always an ideal time to send a little something with Postal. Thankfully, Postal makes it super easy to send the right gift at the right time, as you know.

It’s nice to receive presents, and your clients, customers, and employees will be thrilled to get something extra from you out of the blue, just because, or as a show of gratitude for hitting a big milestone. Yet constantly sending gifts can lessen the impact of your offering, so strategically scheduling presents is a good idea.

That’s where your CRM comes in.

Weighing who should get a gift, what to send, and when to send it is a lot of work, especially if you have a constantly growing group of contacts. Only the most valuable contacts should get gifts at carefully selected times, right? Talk about a ton of mental math.

Postal’s integration options can link with your CRM to make those decisions smoother, but we personally have a favorite partner platform for taking corporate giving to the next level: HubSpot. 

online and offline marketing

How HubSpot can help you decide

One of the crowd-favorite features of HubSpot is how much you can automate within your business. When it comes to gifting, automated workflows and custom triggers are a golden way to streamline your offline marketing with online tools. 

Choosing when to gift becomes a no-brainer, too, because HubSpot can initiate those decisions for you. Read on for inspiration for how to set and forget your gift-giving with HubSpot.

Special dates

Every day that you land a deal, engage with a recurring customer, or tick a milestone is worthy of celebration. For the dates that really stand out—like anniversaries, birthdays, and launch days—sending a gift shows your clients you’re always thinking of them and noting their progress.

With automation, you don’t have to remember every critical date for every account, either: a well-maintained customer profile can do all the work for you.

All you have to do is decide which dates are gift-worthy and who the gift will go to. Then comes the fun part: choosing a gift from Postal’s extensive marketplace. Pinpoint specific gifts or collections that celebrate the date-linked cause, and they will send automatically once that date is reached.

Maybe you want to send your client a bottle of champagne to mark another year of working together. Perhaps you’re hoping to automate your company Christmas gift—cheeseboard, anyone?—so it can be delivered to all who celebrate in time for the holiday. If you’re a realtor or moving company, reward your recent clients with a work-from-home supply kit on their move-in day to help get their new office set up.

Any big-deal dates you can think of, Postal has a gift to match.

Deal stages

Triggering incentives at different stages of your sales process is easy with the deal stage workflow triggers in HubSpot. Once your sales team progresses a deal through to a certain stage, or when a deal is automatically created, you can send gifts to commemorate that accomplishment.

Whether you’re hoping to send an incentive to prospects to stay top of mind as they explore their options or send a welcome gift to a recently closed customer, a deal stage automation allows you to pick the perfect gift and send it straight away.

You can even filter which gift is sent based on gender, age, or other properties to ensure everyone gets something they enjoy.

using postal in deal cycles

Buying roles

Especially when you’re running an account-based marketing strategy, buying roles make a big difference to your conversations with prospects and how you can incorporate gifting into your process.

In HubSpot, you have access to several out-of-the-box role options that can be assigned to contacts:

  • Blocker
  • Budget holder
  • Champion
  • Decision maker
  • End user
  • Executive sponsor
  • Influencer
  • Legal & compliance
  • Other

You can create your own labels, too, in case you’re in communication with someone who has an unlisted job title or role in a purchase decision. HubSpot and Postal let you choose which gifts go to each role and when, plus even more atomic filters that deepen the personalization.

Say, for example, you want to reward decision-makers with a self-care gift box filled with soothing bath bombs and aromatherapy candles to acknowledge the high-stress importance of their role within your target account. You can do exactly that by setting your gifting trigger according to buying roles!

Custom properties

One of the most high-powered pieces of HubSpot’s customer profiles, custom properties give you complete flexibility regarding client details. Imagine you run a nonprofit puppy rescue. You want to reach out to people who adopted dogs and send them bandanas for their furry BFFs on National Dog Day. With custom properties, “adopted a dog” is a value you can create and track for each contact or household. 

creating a new contact property

You can try custom properties for all sorts of customer details, big or small. The best part? You can trigger workflows based on those custom properties, so curating higher-touch campaigns with more personalized content is quick, easy, and repeatable.

How to set up a Postal automation with HubSpot

Your customer care and conversion potential can shoot through the roof within minutes. Connecting Postal to HubSpot is almost too easy, and the automations you need to hit the ground running quickly come together.  

Watch our video tutorial on how to do it, featuring some of the decision-driving data points we mentioned above:

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re deep in the HubSpot hype. As Platinum Partners, Digital Reach is constantly exploring new ways to delight in HubSpot’s functions and integrations for clients who want it all.

Sound like you? Let’s chat.

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Mandy Thompson
Mandy Thompson

Mandy is the Chief Revenue Officer at Digital Reach Online Solutions. She leads by taking a holistic approach—learning, listening, and solving problems by asking thoughtful questions. Mandy is a HubSpot expert and excels at closing loops with well-designed automation and AI.

Want to stop wasting time and budget on lackluster corporate gifts?
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Want to stop wasting time and budget on lackluster corporate gifts?
Deliver an exceptional and personalized gifting experience in 10x less time than before
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