15 Awesome Gifts That Convert to Meetings on LinkedIn

15 Awesome Gifts That Convert to Meetings on LinkedIn

December 10, 2021

With over 450 million members, LinkedIn's value in prospecting and campaigns for lead generation is immense. In fact, 50% of B2B buyers are using LinkedIn in their purchasing decisions. With these kinds of statistics, it is clear why you would be doing your business a disservice if you are not using it. However, prospecting to get meetings on LinkedIn isn't necessarily a gimme these days.

Though outbound sales outreach is now digital with platforms such as LinkedIn, it is still a challenge to build a relationship with new prospects leading them through the sales journey. Once you initiate contact, it is tough to take that meeting offline.

Our research shows that chances of booking meetings increase by 30% when an offline offering is made in exchange.The following list showcases 15 awesome gifts available in the Postal Marketplace that you can offer your prospects to ease things along.


15 gift ideas to get meetings on LinkedIn

1. Milk chocolate truffles from Vosges


Few would forget the intense and complex flavors of the 45% deep milk chocolate truffles from Vosges chocolate. The box contains a total of 16 truffles, each a delight for the chocolate lover everywhere. The elegant and sophisticated packaging makes your prospect feel valued, and they are guaranteed to be open to your request for a meeting.

2. Chocolate chunk with maldon salt cookies from Bell's Cookie Co.

Crisp on the outside but soft and chewy inside, impress your recipient with this upgraded classic from Bell's Cookie Co. These 12 freshly baked chocolate chunk cookies are made with lots of love in Seattle, Washington. Your prospect will remember you fondly and want a meeting with you.

3. Books

Look for a book that resonates with your recipient's interest, city, or state. Do your research well to ensure it is a book they will proudly display in the office or at home. Include a personal note in the book, and you can be sure they will be open to meeting with you.

4. Calming collection candle gift set

The calming collection candle gift set includes Balance, Harmony, and Renew, poised to help your prospect relax after a hard day at work. When they experience the spa-like atmosphere at home, they will surely spare a few minutes out of their busy schedule for you. The candles will be appreciated by vegans and the environmentally conscious as they are toxic-free and packaged in sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

5. Cocktail kits from Cocktail Courier

cocktail courier

If you plan on seeking a virtual meeting with your prospect, a cocktail is an excellent gift to send with the request. They will not refuse to chat with you over a Harvest Moon-Mojito or Magic Hour-Moscow Mule, among many others in our selection. Make sure you include a note inviting them to the meeting.

6. Donuts from Dough Bar

The baked protein bars come separated from the glaze and toppings in little plastic bags. The recipients will enjoy the DIY and fun experience of decorating the blank donut. The experience is not something they will soon forget, and it melts any resistance they may have had about meeting with you.

7. Coffee from shop close to prospect

Freshly brewed in the morning or during break time, coffee enthusiasts will appreciate this gift anytime. Find a local vendor and request them to be in the Postal Marketplace. Carefully selected roasted beans will work magic to smoothen things.

8. Pretzelwich gift boxes


Toffee, mint, cookie dough, s'more, and brownie are the delicious treats you will find in one of these boxes. As your recipient indulges their sweet tooth to their heart's content, they are sure to remember you sweetly. It makes it easier for you to set up a meeting.

9. Wine

Our collection includes hundreds of different labels at the Postal Marketplace and is guaranteed to please every palette. Your recipient will appreciate the thought-out gift over dinner, perhaps with guests. A bottle of wine is sure to break the remaining barriers, and when accompanied by a request for a meeting, who can say no.

10. Caffeine gummies from Mocca

These gummies contain the power of two cups (200 mg) of coffee packed in a tasty chew. Coffee enthusiasts will love that you do not need to prepare. Just pop one in your mouth, and you can feel energized. Whenever you hit that sweet spot, the prospect will fondly remember you and be open to hearing more about your offer.

11. Sauces and spices

sauces and spices

The Fresh Jax Grilling Spice Gift Set enhances the flavors of all your dishes while also feeding thousands of hungry American children by providing meals. For the recipient who loves cooking, they will love you every time they are preparing a meal. Every time meals are involved, most people tend to treat you as part of the family.

12. Seasonal gift box or care package

A personalized gift box or care package will go a long way to smooth things over. But you have to ensure you put a lot of thought into it and choose items that are relevant to your prospect. A handwritten note along with it shows you took the time and ensures it does not get piled with the rest.

13. Collection of gift cards

If you can't pick a gift, a collection of gift cards from a local restaurant or their favorite store is a great way to give them a choice. When they are enjoying themselves, your name is bound to come up, and what better way to break barriers for the next time you talk?

14. Cupcakes from Baked by Melissa

baked by melissa

Surprise them with these irresistible, handcrafted mini-cupcakes and macarons from Baked by Melissa. With a variety of always-changing flavors, your prospect is sure to fall in love with the delicious sweetness. As they indulge, they will be open to physically meeting with you.

15. Gourmet popcorn from Popsations

Popcorn from Popsations is available in various handcrafted flavors, sure to delight your prospects, while the beautiful ribbon bags will brighten even the gloomiest day. Making your prospects smile is a sure way to gain a fond place in their memories. As a result, they are more ready to meet and listen to your offer.

Book more meetings on LinkedIn

An offline gift offering is proven to be an excellent ice breaker that prospects will remember for a long time to come. They become more open to engaging on LinkedIn and physically meeting with you. After you book the meeting, come prepared to explain your offer and guide your prospects to the next step of the sales journey.

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Rich Pusateri
Rich Pusateri

Rich is a B2B marketing enthusiast with a passion for storytelling through relatable content and memorable experiences. Rich was one of the first founding team members of Postal when he started as an intern in 2019 and now holds the Content Marketing Manager role.

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Want to stop wasting time and budget on lackluster corporate gifts?
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