Introducing Postal Collections: Collections for Every Use Case

January 31, 2022
Jeff Freeman
VP of Product

I’m excited to announce the launch of Postal Collections. You can now provide your recipients with a collection of items from the Postal Marketplace, giving them the ability to choose which gift they’d like to receive.

We understand that choosing the perfect gift isn't always obvious: in most cases, you might not know the likes or interests of your recipient. That’s where Postal Collections comes in.

You can curate options around a theme or create a selection based on items that have general appeal – include a variety of options, a candle from your recipient’s hometown, a jersey from their alma mater, or a bag of beans from your local coffee roaster. The options and opportunities to connect are endless with Postal Collections.

No more guessing if your champion is a coffee or tea person, wondering if they prefer a certain type of food, or assuming that they drink alcohol. By putting the decision in your recipient’s hand, you leave them feeling empowered and valued.

Here are 6 ways you can use Postal Collections across your business:


1. The Swag Store


Create a swag closet in the cloud. Add branded items to your Collection to send to your team. Offer a selection of apparel or create a collection based on a variation of sizes. They’ll be able to shop company-branded items as a “Thank You” for hard work or to celebrate their work anniversary.

2. Book The Meeting Collection


Sometimes figuring out what your prospect likes takes time, and when you’re trying to hit your meeting quota, you don’t have the resources or established relationship to know their interests. Book more meetings by generating a Postal Collection full of items that run the gamut.

3. The Remote Employee Collection


Create a collection that is perfect for the remote folks on your team. This helps to ensure company culture spreads throughout the organization, regardless of the employees’ location. Sharing a collection of items that helps furnish their office space will help them feel recognized and empowered to do their best work.

4. The Book Collection

For the avid reader in your life, put the choice in their hands. Offer a variety of books on an interesting or relevant topic. Or if you know a book they’d love, give them the option of hardcover, paperback, or a Kindle version. They’ll appreciate that you left it open-ended so they can dress their library accordingly.

5. The Wine Collection


Instead of guessing if your recipient is a white or red wine person, send them a diverse collection of reds, whites, roses, and more. They’ll be delighted that you let them pick their favorite.

6. The In-Person Event Giveaway


Say goodbye to hauling and drop shipping boxes of swag and giveaways at your next trade show conference. Create a Postal Collection of items that you'd ordinarily ship and store at your booth. Place a QR code at your booth for winners to scan and redeem their items from your Postal Collection.

With Postal Collections, the gift selection process is in the recipient’s hands. Curating and presenting a list of options helps you book more meetings, close more deals, increase employee engagement, and boost customer health scores.

Get started by requesting a demo of Postal and get access to Postal Collections today.

Jeff Freeman

As Postal's VP of Product, Jeff is a product executive with a track record of generating significant revenue growth by developing new or complementary products and services.