Introducing Postal ABM: Offline + ABM Made Easy

Introducing Postal ABM: Offline + ABM Made Easy

March 23, 2023

Offline touchpoints are a key component of any multi-channel ABM strategy because they create tangible, personalized experiences within marketing campaigns. However, scaling offline engagement manually can quickly become complicated and time-consuming, especially when running one-to-many, programmatic ABM campaigns. That is why we created Postal ABM.

Postal ABM is a new feature in the Postal platform designed to make it easy to programmatically target and engage valued accounts and audiences with offline campaigns. It’s designed for demand generation marketers running enterprise playbooks who need to scale offline engagement across their go-to-market strategy. Built-in engagement and ROI dashboards give insights to help sales and marketing teams make informed decisions during the campaign and throughout the lifecycle of target accounts.

Postal ABM enhances the power of Postal Engage, and allows you to:

  • Trigger items and experiences to be sent from the Postal Marketplace to a group of contacts using ABM signals from Salesforce
  • Set your budgets and timelines to fit campaign objectives, as easily as you can in your ad platforms
  • Track campaign success by accounts engaged, revenue generated, and more, in Postal and in Salesforce
  • Sync new Postal Account Engagement fields to Salesforce for better target discovery and ROI tracking

How Enterprise GTM teams Use Postal in Omni-Channel ABM Campaigns

Programmatic ABM

A one-to-many approach using intent and CRM data to personalize content at scale.

Examples: Campaign targeting approximately 200 accounts who fit ICP and have interacted with previous marketing campaign, but never converted.


  • Key contacts from target accounts are automatically added to a Salesforce campaign created by the marketing team using intent data (i.e. they reach buyer intent stage in your ABM platform of choice)
  • Marketing team creates a Postal ABM campaign, using the Salesforce campaign data. They select an item from the Postal Marketplace, select a time frame and maximum budget for the campaign, and set the items to send from the contact owner. 
  • Sales Development Representative/Account Executive uses Postal tracking to follow-up with contact upon delivery of the gift, offering to schedule a demo.

Strategic ABM

A one-to-one approach that’s hyper-targeted to a handful of high-priority accounts, including a personalized experience for each specific account.

Example: Campaign targeting 5-10 mid-funnel accounts that are showing intent with the goal of moving them down the funnel.


  • Account Executive sends a gift email to contacts offering unique items from the Postal Marketplace tailored to their interests, with a note.
  • Marketing team sets up a small virtual event with customized content via Postal Events for Account Executives to invite their prospects to. 
  • Marketing team uses Swag Creator in Postal Engage to create high-quality, custom items with their target accounts’ logos for Account Executives to send with a handwritten note.

ABM Lite

A one-to-few approach targeting a limited number of accounts, including a personalized experience for groups of accounts that share similar traits.

Example: Campaign targeting 25 named accounts with the goal of creating opportunities.


  • Marketing team triggers the send of an item from the Postal Marketplace with a note, on behalf of a company executive.
  • Sales Development Representative/Account Executive uses Postal tracking to follow-up with contact upon delivery of the gift, offering a meeting to consult.
  • Marketing team sets up a virtual event using Postal events to demo the latest product launch. Sales Development Representative or Account Executive teases new product in email/call sequence and includes an invitation to the event to learn more.

Other Use Cases for Postal ABM

Postal customers who incorporate physical touchpoints into virtual events see an 80% attendance rate, on average. Even if you aren’t already running strategic ABM campaigns, Postal ABM can help you boost engagement and save time by automating manual offline touchpoints following events and other inbound marketing activities. Here are some other unique use cases for Postal ABM campaigns:

  • Automatically send attendees of a virtual event a thank-you gift
  • Trigger a swag item or gift to send after scanning a prospect at a conference booth
  • Automate a ‘thank-you for signing-up’ gift when a contact signs up for a free trial on your website
  • Send a ‘congratulations’ gift when a previous customer advocate changes jobs (i.e. data enrichment software indicates job status changes on LinkedIn via Salesforce)

To learn more about how you can automate your offline ABM campaigns, request a demo. Also, discover our latest article, what is ABM, for more information on the topic.

Amy Schwartz
Amy Schwartz

Amy Schwartz is a Product Marketing Manager at Postal. Before landing in tech, she held various marketing and communications positions at financial services, healthcare, and higher education institutions. Outside of work, you can find Amy exploring the beaches and hiking trails of California’s central coast with her husband, two kids, and very energetic dog.