Build Your Swag Store with Postal Brand

Build Your Swag Store with Postal Brand

October 4, 2022
Bringing a brand to life isn’t easy.

Organizations that want to create stronger brand affinity must invest in thoughtfully created company swag and branded merchandise.

Doing so is a proven strategy that builds community by giving prospects, customers, and employees a way to relate to your brand. Both internally and externally, it raises awareness and establishes a brand image that’s reflective of company culture and values.

However, swag usually falls flat because brands just aren’t thinking about it right.

Most marketers didn’t go to school to learn how to source swag—in turn, that can create a grey area in execution and budgeting. And marketers don’t have the time or money to spend on going back and forth between vendors, reviewing invoices, and creating a distribution plan. Not to mention, ensuring that people would actually use or wear the products often isn’t prioritized which shows in the bottom line.

That’s why we created Postal Brand.

Postal Brand provides an out-of-the-box branded, customizable company swag storefront requiring no custom building. Postal Brand centralizes, consolidates, and manages inventory of all your branded items for any use case.

Postal Brand is part of Postal’s growing product suite and an extension of Postal Engage. You are now able to create custom branded items, store and warehouse, and track all inventory within one single corporate gifting platform.

Users can shop your public company swag store with custom branded gift cards or credit cards for easy checkout. This allows for a personalized shopping experience where users can choose the item, style, and size of your branded items and put in the correct location to ship.

How does it work with Postal Engage?

  1. Central warehousing and inventory: Your inventory for all branded items will be tracked and managed from Postal Engage directly. 
  2. Shared budget management: Keep your team on budget by tracking spend on storefront gift cards in addition to any other gifting initiatives. 
  3. Custom swag: Work with our experienced concierge team at Paper Plane Agency to help you bring custom designs and gift experiences to life.

Postal Brand was created to allow Postal to do the work for you. With Postal Engage and Postal Brand, all of your customized items are created and managed in one centralized place. Easily migrate your branded items from Postal Engage to Brand for a publicly accessible shopping experience.

Postal Brand includes:

Consolidated Warehousing

Manage and store all your branded items in one centralized location.

Tracking and Reporting

Track inventory across Postal Engage and Postal Brand and track statuses on all item sends.

Easy Integration and Management

Upload branded items from Postal Engage into your public-facing storefront in less than 30 minutes.

Custom Storefront Templates

Match the look and feel of your brand by customizing the layout, colors, and logo of your swag storefront.

Budget Management for all Use Cases

View and manage your team budget for all branded inventory and sends.

Public Access to Shop

Employees and customers can shop for all branded items via credit card at checkout.

Branded Gift Cards

Distribute custom gift cards for your storefront to provide a consistent brand experience.

How GTM teams use Postal Brand

Here’s how revenue teams are encouraging engagement throughout the buyer’s journey and beyond:


Challenge: Creating quality customizable swag, budget management, & distribution

Solution: Build brand awareness with curated company swag that you can track and send at scale while managing budget across teams

Customer success

Challenge: Customer engagement & retention

Solution: Nurture customer relationships and build advocacy with customizable experiences with your public storefront

People & talent

Challenge: Employee engagement & productivity

Solution: Manage swag distribution and enhance employee recognition to keep your teams happy, reduce attrition, and attract top talent

Postal Warehousing

Remove the hassle and logistical pain of managing a physical swag closet. Postal offers two options for warehousing your swag. Store, ship, kit, and pack items from your existing inventory with ease.

What is Postal Warehousing?

Postal Warehousing enables you to store existing branded items across the globe. Postal warehouses reach 92% global coverage to send items from our marketplace anywhere your customers are. These items can be accessed in your Postal Marketplace and be sent to recipients through MagicLink, gift email, or directly. Learn more about our international warehousing capabilities here.

Build your swag store with Postal Brand

Visit the Postal swag store today and learn more about how it works by requesting a demo to build your swag store and enhance your offline brand, today. Looking for more info about corporate swag? In our blog, we debunk several corporate swag myths that can help your business make more informed decisions about promotional products.

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Amy Schwartz
Amy Schwartz

Amy Schwartz is a Product Marketing Manager at Postal. Before landing in tech, she held various marketing and communications positions at financial services, healthcare, and higher education institutions. Outside of work, you can find Amy exploring the beaches and hiking trails of California’s central coast with her husband, two kids, and very energetic dog.

Want to increase your ABM campaigns ROI by +29%?
That's what Postal clients achieve on average after 3 months using the platform.
Increase My ABM ROI
Want to increase your ABM campaigns ROI by +29%?
That's what Postal clients achieve on average after 3 months using the platform.
Increase My ABM ROI