How CSMs Can Use Gifting to Power Champion-Led Growth with Postal and Champify

How CSMs Can Use Gifting to Power Champion-Led Growth with Postal and Champify

November 1, 2023

Gifting is a powerful way to show your champions you are invested in their personal success, forging long lasting relationships. 
With Postal, implementing a gifting strategy is easy. Here’s how:

Pick a Recipient

Step 1: Define your key audiences 

We recommend you monitor your Power Users, Key CSM Contacts, and your Buying Committee for job changes

Step 2: Define your qualifying criteria

Ensure you filter your alerts for qualified titles, roles and relationships. Generally we recommend Director + at a minimum for a gifting program.

Step 3: Determine your trigger

Champion-Led Growth can power expansion as new champions arrive at your existing accounts, and can create new opportunities as your customers change jobs. You’re going to want two different plays - one for arrivals and one for departures. 

Pick a Gift

Personal and relevant gifts drive the best results. Use a contact’s LinkedIn profile to identify personal information they feel comfortable sharing publicly.

Step 1: Look at Headlines

Step 2: Read the About Section

Step 3: Check out their Interests

Step 4: Review Comments on Posts

Looking for more ideas on what to gift? Check out some of the most popular Postal gifts here

Create Personal Messages for your champions

Once you’ve selected your gift you’re going to want to craft your message and send your gift 

You can use Postal’s Magic link functionality, which makes it easy for customers to receive your gifts, no matter their location. 

Here are two scenarios where gifting can help strengthen your relationships, drive results, and create new revenue opportunities for your company. 

Scenario 1: Find Upsell Opportunities with New Champion Arrivals at Your Existing Customers

To: Champion Arrival

Subject: Intro from {{company’s}} MYCO CSM

Hi {{first_name}},

Congrats on the new gig! I wanted to send you a little something special [magic hyperlink] to welcome you! Always happy to have another MYCO user on board. 

I've been working with a few of your colleagues [list your primary contacts] on [project description].  I thought you may want to join the conversation given your experience with us at {{past_account_name}}.

Have you noticed anywhere where MYCO fit’s into your new mandate?



P.S. Let me know if you want a rundown on how {{company}} has used MYCO so far

Scenario 2: Maintain Relationships as Your Champion Changes Jobs

To: Departed Champion 

Subject: {{CSM Name}} Your CSM from MYCO | Thank you

Hi {{first_name}},

Congrats on the move and hope you’re off to a great start! I wanted to send you a thank you gift [magic hyperlink] for all of your work at {{past.account}}, and to give you a boost for some quick wins as you hit the ground running at {{company}}. 

I also wanted to connect you with {{account.opportunity_owner}}. They're working to see if {company}} would find MYCO valuable. Are you open to an intro?

Let me know if there's anything I can help with re: your new role!



P.S. [something personal]

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To find more plays and cadences check out Champify’s playbooks.

Taylor Udell
Taylor Udell

Taylor is the Head of Growth at Champify, software that tracks customer job changes to turn existing relationships into new business opportunities. Prior to Champify she worked in a variety of roles at high growth companies like Twilio, FOSSA, and Heap.