9 Ideas for a Customized Swag Kits: Good, Better, and Best

9 Ideas for a Customized Swag Kits: Good, Better, and Best

November 11, 2021

One-size-fits-all options sometimes aren't enough to break through the noise of corporate gift-giving and employee acknowledgment. With Postal, you can build customized swag kits that suit your budget and your recipients' tastes. From high-quality apparel to crafted cocktails, from seasonal treats to wireless headphones, the Postal Marketplace has thousands of options to appease employees and customers alike.

Drive leads, increase engagement, show gratitude, and achieve greater ROI through unique, custom-branded experiences. Get inspired by these swag kit ideas below, from $50 to $300, before you plan your next gifting campaign.


Good ($50-$150)

1. Employee appreciation kit

employee appreciation

We all want to feel like our work is valued—that someone actually sees us and recognizes our contributions. A customized kit from Postal vendor Something Splendid is a unique way to show team members that they are truly appreciated. You can build an appreciation kit to suit employees' styles, selecting from delicious coffee and tea, a custom mug or tumbler, and a branded journal. Round out the collection with a custom insert and mailer that reflects your company's brand and offers a personalized message for your recipient. Recognizing employees should always be a priority for companies, but it's even more critical as job opportunities are abundant across the country.

2. Cocktail experience

Sometime we all need an edgier vibe than tea. Opt for a cocktail-inspired collection of gifts, especially if you know your recipient is an aficionado or eager host. The cocktail experience package includes a custom boutique cocktail syrup, custom stirrer, branded shaker, and cocktail components—plus a branded insert and mailer. Your giftee will raise a glass to be acknowledged with this novel gesture.

3. Fall faves

fall gifts

Celebrate the season with Gifts by Design, a Postal vendor that offers autumn-inspired gifts to suit a variety of tastes and tap into the cozy hygge trend. Pumpkin spiced almonds, a delightful chai beverage syrup, a mood-setting candle, and a branded bamboo clock make for a gift package that's teeming with cozy vibes. As temperatures drop and leaves start falling, your recipient will have all they need to savor the season.

4. Holiday "thanks"

As the winter holidays roll in, curating a collection of seasonal gifts through the Postal marketplace is much easier than waiting in line on Black Friday or scrolling endlessly through Amazon. A holiday thanks collection includes a comforting hot cocoa mix, a charming camp mug, and delicious peppermint chocolate almonds—all in branded packaging. A gift like this provides a curled-up-by-the-fire experience and encourages a moment of reflection as the year draws to a close.

Better ($150-300)

5. New hire pack

new hire gift

Starting a job with a new company when in-person gatherings are limited can be a challenging experience. Help boost new employee engagement and combat any feelings of isolation by offering an all-inclusive new hire pack. With Postal vendor SwagUp, a new hire collection includes a Silicon Valley branded zip-up hoodie plus a cotton canvas laptop sleeve, socks, water bottle, convertible tote bag/backpack, comfy beanie, journal, passport, luggage tag, and pen—all branded to help your new hire feel like they're part of the team, even if they're joining the crew remotely.

6. VIP Charcuterie Experience

Charcuterie boards are a crowd-pleaser, and with Postal vendor Bestowal, you can create an exclusive experience to suit meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. The kit comes with a branded custom cutting board, Sugarfina gourmet gummy bears, branded wine stopper, Jocelyn & Co. summer sausage, wildflower honey, and cheese, Marcona almonds, platters, and a grazing book. A charcuterie swag kit is perfect for those who love to host but also for anyone who just likes to graze before dinner or appreciates kitchenware.

7. Champagne Toast

An enduring classic, gifting a champagne experience is always an elegant and much-appreciated choice. With Postal, you can deliver a custom Veuve box with Veuve Clicquot and branded champagne flutes. One of the largest champagne houses, Veuve Cliquot was founded in 1772, and much of its success is attributed to Madame Clicquot whose inventions in the 1800s introduced new champagnes to the market. Your recipient will cheers, salute, l'chaim, salud, and prost to that!

Best ($300+)

8. Executive send

executive gift

All of the above options are great for most of your recipients, but maybe you're looking for an even bigger wow factor—something that makes an outsized impression and shows your commitment to the giftee. If that's the case, it's time to build the ultimate executive swag package with Postal vendor SwagUp.

The kit includes drinkware from Miir (premium stainless steel) or Corkcicle (tumblers and canteens), a North Face Apex Barrier Soft Shell jacket, a Rocketbook Everlast Executive Notebook (handwritten function connects to cloud services), and JBL wireless on-ear headphones or a Bose Bluetooth speaker. A varied and high-quality collection like this will appeal to an array of potential giftees, especially those who appreciate gadgets that make their desk time more comfortable and efficient.

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9. VIP customer appreciation / executive send

Looking to impress your customer or exec but want to focus on quality over quantity? Pare down the selection with three stellar components through SwagUp: a stylish Herschel Novel duffle bag, a warm North Face fleece jacket, and a handy set of JBL wireless headphones.

The sought-after Herschel brand bag is ideal for quick weekend trips and features a shoe compartment that keeps your clothes dirt-free. North Face always delivers when it comes to top-notch outwear, and your recipient surely knows it. Finally, the JBL headphones will provide your giftee with 40 hours of listening time, and the audio automatically switches between devices allowing you to easily shift from watching a video to answering a call.

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Take corporate gifting off your to-do list and let Postal's Paper Plane Agency team help you surprise and delight your prospects and clients this year. The results Postal Customers have seen speak for themself: 30% close rate increase and 55% sales conversion increase with curated gifts and experiences. From ideation to sourcing, logistics, and swag management, Postal is designed to make the process of customizing swag kits simple and rewarding. For cheaper gift options discover these blog posts: $50 gift ideas for employees and employee gifts under $10. Also, discover the power of meaningful employee swag in our blog, where we share top ideas for new hire swag kits and the role they play in enhancing employee experiences.

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Rich Pusateri

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