Postal Partners with Sales Assembly to Empower Go-to-Market Teams

Postal Partners with Sales Assembly to Empower Go-to-Market Teams

January 18, 2022

I’ve had the pleasure to scale go-to-market efforts for a number of amazing product-led organizations. However, even with the expertise my teams carried, we often ran into unique challenges that required outsourced knowledge to overcome.

A dedicated resource to nurture individual and team growth within such companies is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of.

That’s why I’m excited to announce Postal’s partnership with Sales Assembly.Postal is joining the Sales Assembly ecosystem to provide go-to-market teams with the training, talent, strategic advisory, and peer communities necessary to ensure their outreach is more effective than, well, this:

Postal X Sales Assembly Stickers

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Companies (along with many of our integration partners) such as Outreach, 6sense, Vidyard, Gong, Chili Piper, and now Postal, have all joined to work towards the larger mission of empowering hyper-growth GTM teams.

Here’s why I’m excited for Postal to join:Postal is a new technology that manages the oldest channel of communication: offline. Most of us probably weren’t around when in-person meetings and taking clients to steak dinners were the only industry standard. Before the invention of the internet and cloud-based solutions, offline was the universal channel for GTM teams to connect with others and develop business-critical relationships.

However, as digital communication exploded with the internet, so did the platforms to manage and automate online channels such as phone calls, email, and text.

Now, teams are challenged with breaking through the digital noise to reach prospects, customers, and even employees. Personalized outreach and communication have never been more important.

Postal’s solution enables teams to scale their offline experiences and reach people in an environment where we hold the most attention: the real world. As a part of Sales Assembly’s ecosystem, now GTM teams will have strategic advice to help manage and coordinate their offline brand.I look forward to seeing how this partnership will connect us with GTM teams to help them achieve results such as:

  • 2x more qualified leads
  • 4x increase in pipeline
  • 30% close rate increase
  • 55% increase in sales conversions
  • 50% virtual event attendance rate

On behalf of the Postal team, I’d like to express my gratitude for this opportunity to join such a renowned B2B community and I’m excited to watch our partnership with Sales Assembly flourish to help organizations drive more revenue.

Request a demo of Postal to see how easy it is to use gift offerings in your outreach such as these stickers.

Kiana Ghassemi
Kiana Ghassemi

An event planner, marketer, and member of the Postal family, Kiana Ghassemi is known for wearing a lot of hats. From product management to field marketing, she can be credited with developing the events product, producing Postal’s events, and executing various high-impact projects. Outside of the office, Kiana enjoys the beach, live music, and her two dogs.