A Sweet Idea for Corporate Holiday Cards: Sweeter Cards

A Sweet Idea for Corporate Holiday Cards: Sweeter Cards

November 28, 2022

Postal’s corporate gifting marketplace is full of uniquely curated items that are designed to spread joy and leave meaningful impressions on recipients. Every purchase is an investment in a small business that’s leaving the world a better place—our team is dedicated to partnering with world-class vendors that align with our core values and make a positive impact in our communities everyday.

One of those local businesses is Sweeter Cards, a woman-owned business based out of St. Louis that’s raising the (chocolate) bar on traditional greeting cards. Aside from the wonderful price point at $9 each, these chocolate greeting bars are a superb product for a quick holiday gift in the US with the option to include a handwritten note inside the card.

Founder and owner, Stacy Stahl’s passion immediately stood out to our marketplace team. She’s not only committed to delivering the tastiest chocolate bar possible with a unique design, but giving purpose behind the product she sells.

Stacy Stahl, Founder of Sweeter Cards
Stacy Stahl is the Founder of Sweeter Cards—the greeting card and gourmet chocolate bar all in one.

Stacy started Sweeter Cards in 2019 after her first company was acquired. Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she notes being guided by mentors and was always looking for thoughtful ways to express gratitude to them.

To do so, she started to pair her favorite chocolate bar with a meaningful greeting card and would ship the combination gift to them. Every time it was a hit.

“One day, I was standing in a checkout line with the two products in hand and the idea clicked. Why not combine the two into one?”

From there, the idea took off and Stacy launched her first product within weeks. All of her chocolate bars are made in St. Louis using Fair Trade Certified™ and natural ingredients, and wrapped in printing that’s also local to the Midwest. Each bar is made with soft vanilla caramel, cane sugar, fresh whipping cream, butter, and Madagascar vanilla, and always topped with Mediterranean sea salt.

What sets Sweeter Cards apart is their mission to make a difference in the St. Louis community. They partner with a sheltered workshop where adults with disabilities are given an opportunity for meaningful employment to stuff their chocolate bars.

Chocolate greeting cards from Sweeter Cards are also a great option for bulk sends that maintain a personal touch—explore our holiday catalog to see our favorite recommendations for large quantity sends, customizable options, and last-minute items that are guaranteed to surprise and delight.

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What’s your personal favorite Sweeter Card for the holidays?

I love our Peace, Love and Chocolate card. It's sophisticated and sweet. Perfect for gifting clients and employees!

What are some trends you're seeing this holiday season?

We're seeing a lot more client gifting this year. People are investing in their relationships and using Sweeter Cards to share heartfelt gratitude to the people who matter most to their business.

What’s the feeling you're hoping to evoke when a recipient opens a Sweeter Card?

We want recipients to feel thought of and appreciated. We hope they are impressed by the cleverness of the concept, and that they are blown away by the taste of the chocolate too (it's SO delicious). We hope recipients know their sender is thinking of them and wants to share their deepest gratitude with them!

Next time you shop the Postal Marketplace, we recommend putting meaning behind your send and selecting one of the dozens of options Sweeter Cards. Request a demo today to explore the marketplace and scale your offline engagement strategy.

Shannon Lenier
Shannon Lenier

Shannon Leiner has 15-plus years of experience in retail merchandising. With expertise in e-commerce and International category growth, she is excited to grow the Postal Marketplace domestically as well as internationally.