Introducing AI Smart Collections: Gifting without the Guesswork

Introducing AI Smart Collections: Gifting without the Guesswork

January 18, 2024

Over the past few years, Postal has helped 600 businesses send millions of direct mail pieces and gifts, and we’ve learned a lot. We know our customers spend a significant amount of time figuring out what to send to their recipients to build connections. Oftentimes, this can lead to decision fatigue and even abandoning gifting altogether, leaving lackluster feelings about the effectiveness of offline engagement. 

With that in mind, we used extensive Postal engagement data–spanning millions of sends–to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) model to determine which items from our Marketplace resonate most with recipients. Postal has also been able to develop an understanding of what activities are driving the best outcomes for customers through our  integrations with ABM and CRM platforms, and we've applied that data set to these enhancements.

With AI Smart Collections, we are hoping to eliminate decision fatigue for our customers and speed up the process of sending items, while also delivering gifts their recipients will love and convert to revenue and retention.

Introducing a Smarter Way to Gift

AI Smart Collections are assortments of gifts with high open and acceptance rates, curated by our proprietary algorithm, and geared towards common interests and occasions. The Collections enable you to send gift options you know will land with a wide variety of prospects, customers, and partners, without having to shop through the Postal Marketplace.

3 use cases for AI Smart Collections

The Sports Lover Smart Collection

Few things get people as fired up as their love for their favorite team. If your prospect or customer happens to mention that they’re excited to hit the links next weekend or that they’re throwing a huge party for the Super Bowl, the Sports Lover has you covered. This Smart Collection lets your recipients choose from an array of sports gear and makes sure they can rep their favorite team.

The Prospecting Smart Collection 

Sometimes figuring out what your prospect likes takes time, and when you’re trying to hit your meeting quota, you don’t have the resources or established relationship to know their interests. Book more meetings by using the Prospecting Smart Collection, which is full of items that cost $30 or less and run the gamut of personal taste.

The Executive Smart Collection

When trying to break through to an influential, top-tier executive, it’s imperative to strike the right balance between luxury, functionality, and a touch of individuality. Make a great impression by letting your VIP recipients pick from the selection of high-end items in the Executive Smart Collection. It’s both the thought and the quality that counts.

By blending the personal touch of gifting with the efficiency of AI, Smart Collections take the guesswork out of gifting. Just like a smart playlist learns from your listening history and can recommend songs you might like, our evolving AI model will continue to learn every time a gift is sent and received via Postal.

How to Send AI Smart Collections

AI Smart Collections must be enabled by the Admin for your Postal account before you can start sending them. To access AI Smart Collections, click on the three dots in the main navigation bar and select Collections from the drop-down menu. Once you’re on the Collections pages, you’ll see a new tab for AI Smart Collections and a tab for Standard Collections. Any Collections that have previously been created within your Postal account can be found in the Standard Collections section.

William Liao
William Liao

William Liao is the Senior Data Scientist at Postal, where he oversees analytics for Product and Customer Success. Before Postal, William built data products with researchers at Indiana University and implemented analytics solutions at Cook Medical. Outside of work, William enjoys blogging, powerlifting, and spending time with family and friends.