Introducing Postal for Sales: Fueling Sales Efforts with Gifting + Engagement Data

Introducing Postal for Sales: Fueling Sales Efforts with Gifting + Engagement Data

September 26, 2023

In the fast-paced world of sales, every day is a hustle. Salespeople are tasked with following up on critical account intent signals, keeping deals moving forward, and generating new pipeline—all while ensuring they can stand out from the competition. The journey from point A (an opportunity) to point B (a closed won deal) is riddled with blockers and competing priorities, dragging out deal cycles.

At Postal, we set out to make the road to revenue a little smoother for sales teams. Our point A (objective) was to help sales teams reduce friction in the deal cycle so they can build relationships with their prospects more efficiently, and ultimately, close deals faster. Our point B (solution) is a set of features designed to make it easier for sales teams to leverage the proven power of sales gifts, integrated into their existing workflow with real-time engagement data so they know exactly when to take action on their accounts. Discover a variety of practical sales gifting use cases to enhance your client relationship-building and boost your sales efforts.

Postal for Sales streamlines offline engagement for sales teams with these features:

The Postal Chrome Extension

The Postal Chrome browser extension makes it easy to integrate gifting into your existing sales workflow. It enables sales teams to send items from the Postal Marketplace directly from any sales tool or directly from their inbox. Whether you are trying to get a prospect’s attention with a personalized gift email, or you’re following up on a demo with a thank-you snippet and a MagicLink, the Chrome extension helps you execute without having to jump between systems.

Timeline of Account Activity 

A brand new feature of the Postal Chrome extension aimed at keeping salespeople in the loop on meaningful account activity is the account timeline. The timeline chronologically tracks Postal engagement from your contacts, including meetings booked, email opens, landing page views, MagicLink and gift email acceptance, and thank you messages. It surfaces key info directly within the Chrome extension so you know exactly how your buying committee is receiving your gestures and what’s working, without even opening a new tab.

Real-Time Slack Notifications 

When it comes to leaving a positive impression on prospects, timing is everything. Postal's new real-time Slack notifications ensure you're always in the know with instant updates about Postal activity, so you can follow up when prospects are most receptive. Individual users can customize their settings to get notified in Slack when contacts opens their emails, view their landing pages, accept items, when items are delivered, when budget is low, and more. When Marketing teams run automated campaigns via Postal ABM and send as members of their sales team, each sales person is notified when their contacts engage so they can time their outreach to stay top of mind with their accounts.

Integrations with Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, 6Sense & more

A tangible token of appreciation is proven to increase conversion rates by 28% and increase meetings booked by 20%. Postal seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft, 6Sense, Chili Piper, and Calendly so you can harness the proven power of gifting from within your existing sales ecosystem without disrupting your flow. Easily drop MagicLinks into your sequences, automatically trigger gift emails, book meetings when an item is redeemed, and track it all in your CRM without adding to your workload.

To learn more about how Postal for Sales can help you and your team reach the signature line faster, request a demo today.

Jeff Freeman
Jeff Freeman

As the Senior Vice President of Product at Postal, Jeff is responsible for bringing Postal’s product vision and roadmap to life. With 20 years of experience in building category defining products like Demandbase, Adura, Walmart Global eCommerce, and BigCommerce, Jeff has a passion for marketing solutions that drive efficiencies. Jeff lives in Walnut Creek with his family. On the weekends, you’ll find him aggressively cheering on one of his three kids at various sporting games.