How to Use Zoominfo + Postal to Execute Offline Sales Campaigns

How to Use Zoominfo + Postal to Execute Offline Sales Campaigns

February 15, 2023

The Postal team is thrilled to be working with ZoomInfo on their launch of GTM Plays—a modern resource for any sales, customer success, or marketing team who may need some additional inspiration for specific GTM (go-to-market) use cases. For instance, how to turn an abandoned chat follow-up into a booked meeting, welcoming a prospect back to OOO, and much more.

In today's digital economy, it can be easy to forget the importance of offline and physical sales strategies…think back to in-person experiences such as steak dinners and golf outings with prospects. That was the standard practice. Now, in the world of remote selling, using custom branded kits or personalized gifts with handwritten notes in tandem with digital engagement is a proven way to make a positive impact on your bottom line.

However, traditional gifting and offline tactics have been disjointed from digital selling channels, making these campaigns stressful to execute and impossible to report on.

That's why we're excited to share our insights on how to effectively use the power of ZoomInfo and Postal's Global Offline Engagement Platform to execute offline campaigns. By combining these two tools, you can achieve greater budget efficiency, delight more prospects, and ultimately win more deals.

In this post, we'll dive into the benefits of using ZoomInfo and Postal and provide a step-by-step guide on how to build a repeatable process for running successful offline campaigns.

Combining ZoomInfo with Postal's Global Offline Engagement Platform

Combining ZoomInfo with Postal's Global Offline Engagement Platform is a winning strategy for executing effective offline and physical send sales campaigns. By using these platforms together, the data-rich insights of ZoomInfo are merged with the offline engagement capabilities of Postal to deliver more meaningful moments to prospects throughout their buyer’s journey. Here are some best practices and steps to help you implement a scalable offline strategy using ZoomInfo and Postal.

Steps to implementing an offline & physical send sales strategy using ZoomInfo and Postal

  1. Start with a well-defined target audience: Use ZoomInfo's platform to build a target list of potential champions based on specific criteria, such as industry, role, or location.
  2. Segment your target list: ZoomInfo can also help you segment your list based on factors such as company size, revenue, and decision-maker level.
  3. Build your sales sequence, cadence, or workflow and determine where to add physical touch points to maximize prospect engagement
  4. Launch: Once you have your target list, segments, and strategy built out, use Postal's Offline Engagement Platform to send targeted physical communications to prospects via links within emails (MagicLinks), direct, or automated sends.
  5. Track and measure success: Monitor the success of your campaign using Postal's reporting and analytics tools, and refine your strategy as needed based on the results.

It’s important to note that this is a generic approach to integrating the offline channel into a sales engagement strategy. The best results come from creative personalization based on the interests or challenges of your prospects. Get inspired from our blog on unique ways to position your gift offering as a gesture, and not a bribe, to maximize the performance of your offline initiatives. Also, discover our latest blog on sales gifts for the most inspiration.

Plays feature: examples of successful offline sales strategies

Incorporating offline and physical send sales tactics into your approach can be highly effective, and combining ZoomInfo and Postal's Global Offline Engagement Platform will take your efforts to the next level. Here are some examples of successful offline engagement and physical send sales strategies using ZoomInfo and Postal, as well as lessons learned and best practices from Postal sales reps.

Discover how Postal for Sales can revolutionize your outreach and boost your sales performance.

How to implement a high-efficiency prospecting strategy with ZoomInfo + offline engagements

Postal sales reps use ZoomInfo to research and build a list of target prospects and then send personalized and relevant items to them using the Postal platform. This approach is a proven way to increase response rates and drive more pipeline—the email engagement statistics from our 2022 Offline Trends Report shows the offline channel outperforms traditional emails by double the industry average open rates and 20x the click rates.

offline conversion rate metrics

Postal customers have reported seeing recognized ROI (return on investment) in the offline channel within 2 months, $80k in closed won revenue within first 30 days, and triple the amount of meetings booked.

Lessons learned from Postal sales reps

  • Personalization is key: Our sales reps have found that personalizing your communications, whether it's through the use of personalized URLs or handwritten notes, can greatly increase response rates to cold outreach.
  • Timing is everything: Timing your physical communications so that they arrive just as a prospect is making a buying decision can be extremely impactful—see optimal times to send throughout the week below based on item acceptance.
  • Test and iterate: Our sales reps continually test and refine their strategies to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Without Postal’s robust reporting capabilities within Salesforce or your native CRM, this would be difficult to achieve.
optimal time of week to send

Use accurate data and offline engagement to continue selling in a down economy

Let’s face it: remote selling in today’s market conditions is tough. ZoomInfo’s B2B platform combined with Postal’s Global Offline Engagement Platform will help sales teams break into key accounts and reach decision makers. Whether it’s saying congratulations on a promotion with a charcuterie gift basket, or welcoming a prospect back from their vacation in Mexico with more margaritas, organizations that lean into the offline channel will see better results. Offline Engagement Platforms track these results so sales teams test, iterate, and continue maximizing budget in a down economy.

We are incredibly excited to be working with ZoomInfo on their launch of GTM Plays and hope teams can continue extracting value from our partnership.

2022 Offline Trends Report
Read our annual report containing proprietary insights drawn from the 250,000+ items sent to help your team save costs and increase the performance of your offline campaigns this year.
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Rich Pusateri
Rich Pusateri

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Want to increase your sales pipeline by +17%?
That's what Postal clients achieve on average after 3 months using the platform.
Increase My Sales Pipeline
Want to increase your sales pipeline by +17%?
That's what Postal clients achieve on average after 3 months using the platform.
Increase My Sales Pipeline