Top 35 Corporate Gifting Companies to Consider

Explore the most efficient and eco-friendly corporate gifting companies that are helping teams spread smiles around the globe while saving time and money.

Top 35 Corporate Gifting Companies to Consider

What are the top corporate gifting companies?

Modern business is all about interpersonal interactions: from marketing leads and sales prospects, to customers and employees, the importance of making connections and showing reciprocity is paramount to success.

Over the years, companies have increasingly met the demand for personable interactions with the practice of B2B corporate gifting.

We can talk all we want about the hybrid workplace model, about AI replacing us, or whatever other fantasy about the future, but the fact is that here and now, personal relationships remain extremely important for all businesses that want to be successful.

Corporate gifting is nothing new—the practice of sending gifts to customers and employees is a long-standing tradition in business around the world. From small gifts such as calendars, notebooks, bags, and pens to bigger ones such as branded wallets, alcohol, and handbags, a good partnership is always marked with gift-giving, especially during the holiday season.

Top 35 Corporate Gifting Companies

In this section we will go over the top 35 corporate gifting companies.

Eco-Friendly Corporate Gifting Companies

1. Borough 22 

Borough 22 creates vegan and allergen-free doughnuts that are packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials to minimize their impact on the environment.

2. Foli 

Foil sells plants and related products, and they are committed to using recyclable materials for their packaging, while also being mindful about keeping their materials basic and easy to repurpose or recycle.

3. Foodie Pages

Foodie Pages offers artisanal food and beverages from small businesses in beautifully-packaged kits, and they use packaging made from recycled materials that is fully recyclable to reduce their environmental footprint.

4. Savage Vines

Savage Vines delivers a subscription-based service of hand-selected natural wines from independent vineyards packaged in 100% recycled materials, using electric vehicles for delivery, to reduce their carbon emissions and support sustainable practices.


SOJA creates and sell eco-friendly fragrances and candles with sustainably-sourced raw materials, and they use locally produced, reusable, and recyclable packaging to reduce their impact on the environment.

6. Augusta's Box

Augusta’s Box has boxes of curated French lifestyle products, and they use recycled packaging and pay a CO2 compensation on all sales to reduce their environmental impact.


PLUKT offers plant-based and biodegradable tea bags that are compostable within 30-60 days, sourced locally from Northern Europe, and produced using responsible and fair income practices with their organic farms/suppliers to support sustainability and ethical farming practices.

8. Fiddles

Fiddles sells eco-friendly kitchen and household items, and they overcompensate all of their CO2 emissions to minimize their impact on the environment and support sustainability.

9. Tartan Blanket

Tartan Blanket has a range of blankets, scarves, and accessories made from natural materials, and they are a certified B Corporation committed to using business as a force for good and supporting sustainable and ethical practices.

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

The idea behind a corporate gifting strategy, at its essence, is that generosity and a personal touch go a long way with people. If you want to save on money and you just make corporate gifts for the sake of having them, the recipients will notice your apathy, and the gift likely won’t give any value or improve your relationship in any way.

This is why, to that end, luxury corporate gifts work so well. They showcase your attitude towards the person you’re gifting to and are a sign you value them and the relationship you have with them. If you manage to offer something that’s not only luxurious but also personalized in some way, the positive effect will be even stronger.

A lot of things are considered to be luxury corporate gifts, from simple muffin baskets, which are valuable, usable, and inherently memorable, to other high-end goods that surprise and charm, such as leather cardholders or a wireless charging bank. Luxury gifting companies offer businesses a way to captivate recipients with thoughtfully selected high-end goods that correspond to their personal interests. The best luxury corporate gifting companies in the business will give you a wide variety of options to choose from when you’re curating items you want to gift.

Along with luxury gifts that are suitable for all your valuable partners, there are also more expensive and exclusive presents that you only give to the high-tier level managers at the companies you work with. These so-called VIP corporate gifts range in style, but they have one thing in common. They’re high-end, whatever they are. Essentially that means that from the moment you get the present before you’ve even opened the box, you know that what you’re about to get is luxurious.

These kinds of gifts should provide an entire experience—from the packaging to the delivery and the feel of the items. Luxury gifting companies specialize in assembling high-end gift boxes that take into account personal interests and remind recipients that you didn’t forget about what makes them an individual. A meaningful luxury gift will take into account details such as the hobbies and interests of the person who will be receiving these luxury gifts.

Based on this information, you can pick personalized gifts to the taste of each receiver with the help of a luxury corporate gifting company. Some companies will treat VIPs to thoughtfully selected high-end bottles of wine, top-shelf bottles of spirits, or artisan foods. Some might opt for cutting-edge electronic goods and high-end corporate swag, while some might go the route of luxury virtual gifts, like premium subscriptions or tickets to a game. 

Luxury gifting companies can combine any and all of the above for VIP recipients. Whatever the route, luxury corporate gifts are a tier above the rest.

10. Batch Gifts

Batch Gifts offers handcrafted, artisanal products sourced from small businesses across the country. They offer a personalized touch and high-quality items, making them a great choice for companies looking to give unique and thoughtful gifts.

11. Better Than a Letter

Better Than a Letter creates personalized, one-of-a-kind gifts that are tailored to each recipient. Their attention to detail and focus on customization make them a great choice for companies looking to give highly individualized gifts.

12. Coup Champagne

Coup Champagne is a luxury champagne brand that offers high-quality, hand-crafted champagne in beautiful packaging. Their focus on luxury and elegance makes them a great choice for companies looking to impress with their gift-giving.

13. Ethik Collective

Ethik Collective offers sustainable, eco-friendly gift options that are ethically sourced and made with natural materials. Their commitment to sustainability and social responsibility make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that align with their values.

14. In Good Taste

In Good Taste offers a wide range of high-quality gourmet food and beverage gifts, from artisanal cheeses to specialty cocktails. Their focus on quality and taste make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and sophisticated.

15. Kin Candles

Kin Candles offers luxury candles made with natural ingredients and beautiful, minimalist packaging. Their focus on quality and simplicity make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both stylish and environmentally conscious.

16. Loved and Found

Loved and Found offers a wide range of high-end gifts, from personalized leather goods to luxury home decor. Their focus on luxury and quality make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both beautiful and practical.

17. Nurtured 9

Nurtured 9 offers luxury gift boxes tailored to new mothers and babies, with high-quality, all-natural products that are both beautiful and practical. Their focus on quality and thoughtfulness make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both luxurious and meaningful.

18. Obrigaderia

Obrigaderia offers high-end Brazilian sweets made with premium ingredients and beautiful, artisanal packaging. Their focus on luxury and taste make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and visually stunning.


ONEHOPE offers a wide range of luxury wine and spirits gifts, with a portion of the proceeds going to charitable causes. Their commitment to social responsibility and high-quality products make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that make a positive impact.

Corporate gifting companies in the USA

Corporate gifting companies in the USA have quickly become a mainstay of corporate gifting strategies all over the country. Gifting potential and existing customers have long been an important part of many companies marketing strategies, and the continued emergence of gifting companies reflects a widespread need for the services they offer. These companies offer unique executive gifts and thoughtful tokens which drive engagement and sales. Because this tradition has existed for a long time, most of the new corporate gift fulfillment companies are also created and based in the States.

In the United States, corporate gifting companies are often an integral part of marketing strategies for businesses. That’s because they’re able to help businesses produce their own merchandise without them having to spend extra time and resources on that task. They offered custom and curated corporate gift baskets that remind recipients that they’re appreciated and remembered.

Along with that, they can produce branded items such as mugs, tote bags, and tumblers—or even higher-quality items—that can be given to the company’s employees as part of a Christmas gift package. This is often a part of a larger strategy that helps businesses foster engagement with employees as well as existing and potential customers, which, in turn, can help increase revenue in the long run.

Existing customers are reminded that their continued business is highly appreciated, while prospective customers are reminded that their future business is a priority for companies. Along with that, these kinds of gifts are a great way to keep long-term partnerships and forge new ones. That’s why it’s a good practice in the States, when you sign a new deal or when you renew a contract to send the other representative corporate gifts that are, in most cases, not branded items but more so luxurious ones such as baskets with expensive spirits and delicious treats.

Similarly, these curated assemblies of corporate gifts help businesses retain employees for the long haul, which keeps their team experienced and familiar and saves costs on onboarding and hiring—all the while driving a loyal culture and an amiable workplace.

As an employee, everything you should expect from your company is aligned with the contract, and typically the surprises you get are negative and not positive, such as overtime hours, more work, or having to be at your desk on a public holiday. But when a business can provide its employees with corporate gifts that are not only useful but also of high quality and desirable, that undoubtedly makes an impression and creates a sense of loyalty and belonging in the employee. That’s why finding a fulfillment company that can not only lead you through the entire process but also provides you with a high-quality end product is key.

20. Bake Eat Love

Bake Eat Love offers a wide range of gourmet baked goods, from cookies to cakes, all made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients. Their focus on taste and quality make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and memorable.

21. Baked By Melissa

Baked By Melissa offers bite-sized cupcakes in a wide range of flavors, perfect for corporate gifting. Their focus on convenience and customization make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and personalized.

22. Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets has a wide range of high-end gift baskets, with options for every occasion and budget. Their focus on quality and customization make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both luxurious and practical.

23. Grove 45

Grove 45 offers high-end olive oil made from olives grown in California's Napa Valley. Their focus on quality and sustainability make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both luxurious and environmentally conscious.

24. Linden Square

Linden Square offers high-quality, handcrafted leather goods, from bags to wallets, all made in the USA. Their focus on quality and craftsmanship make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both practical and stylish.

25. Midunu Chocolates

Midunu Chocolates offers handcrafted chocolates made with high-quality, all-natural ingredients inspired by African flavors. Their focus on taste and creativity make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and unique.

26. Popinsanity Gourmet Popcorn

Popinsanity Gourmet Popcorn offers a wide range of gourmet popcorn flavors, from sweet to savory. Their focus on taste and presentation make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and visually appealing.

27. Teak & Twine

Teak & Twine offers high-end gift boxes curated with luxury products, from skincare to home decor. Their focus on quality and personalization make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both luxurious and thoughtful.

28. Wildwonder

Wildwonder offers a range of natural, low-sugar sparkling botanical beverages, perfect for corporate gifting. Their focus on taste and health make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and mindful.

29. Yes Cocktail

Yes Cocktail offers artisanal cocktail mixers made with all-natural ingredients and unique flavors. Their focus on taste and creativity make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both delicious and exciting.

Corporate Gifting Companies that Customize

Customized corporate gifts are an effective tool for companies that wish to maintain a strong sense of solidarity amongst even the most spread remote teams. While corporate gifts are often thought of as something exclusively or mostly used for potential and existing clients, they actually serve a much wider range of functions. You have to consider the fact that many businesses have branded items of their own—bags, notebooks, pens, etc. Most people have received such merchandise at some point, either from a company we work for or one we’re a loyal customer of.

These “general” kinds of gifts are effective in some situations, but they tend not o be very memorable. On the other hand, the entire idea behind personalized gifts is that they’re unique and leave a lasting impression. This shows not only the willingness of the company to spend money on the gifts but also their appreciation toward the person getting the gift. After all, if a business has spared the time to think about what someone likes and what they might enjoy getting as a present, that shows that it cares about them and wants to make them feel valued.

Many companies send corporate gifts to their employees. Employee gifting reminds team members that they’re an important and appreciated part of the company. And if they’re personalized, they show that the managers and the organization truly want to make everyone feel cherished. At the height of the first waves of Covid, many teams began operating remotely. As time has passed, companies have seen productivity actually increase while they’ve said goodbye to expensive office space leases, and many companies will likely never return to the office.

As business is evolving to become increasingly remote, corporate gifts have seen newfound importance in keeping a human touch in the workplace and fostering a sense of closeness among employees. Even among teams spread across the country or across the globe, luxury corporate gift boxes remind them that they’re in this together, and branding gifts enforces this sense further.

Branded corporate gifts don’t only help brand recall through a lasting reminder of where a gift came from—they also reinforce a strong, loyal culture in employees. Branded gifts serve a similar function to band apparel. They’re a reminder that there’s a shared interest and remind employees that they’ve played a hand in making the company what it is. That they’re an appreciated part of something bigger.

30. The BroBaskets

BroBaskets offers customizable gift baskets filled with high-quality beer, spirits, and snacks. Their focus on customization and quality make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both personalized and enjoyable.

31. Ecreamery

Ecreamery has customizable ice cream and sorbet, with options for unique flavors and packaging. Their focus on personalization and creativity make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both fun and memorable.


ONEHOPE offers customizable wine gifts, with options for personalized labels and gift boxes. Their focus on customization and social impact make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both meaningful and unique.

33. Sozo Gifts

Sozo Gifts has customizable gift boxes filled with high-quality, artisanal products. Their focus on personalization and curation make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both tailored and unique.

34. Well Told

Well Told has customizable gifts, including glassware, candles, and apparel, with options for custom engravings and designs. Their focus on personalization and craftsmanship make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both stylish and unique.

35. Noms

Noms offers customizable gift boxes filled with high-quality, gourmet snacks and treats. Their focus on personalization and quality make them a great choice for companies looking to give gifts that are both tailored and delicious.

The best corporate gift boxes

The best corporate gift boxes will combine a few different factors to create a really memorable and delightful experience for recipients. The underlying premise behind gifting is that you’re doing it to elicit a sense of joy in the recipient. That’s why an important factor is personalization. Each individual is unique and eliciting joy might look different for different people. Taking into account a recipient’s interests, gift boxes can be carefully planned for their enjoyment.

A corporate gift box that can qualify as being “the best” doesn’t necessarily have to be super expensive or full of luxurious items. It can be simple yet still show attention to detail and honest thought about what the recipient loves and appreciates. Fortunately, nowadays, creating a whole box of corporate gifts is not as complicated as it used to be, and it doesn’t have to be done by you in-house. Instead, you can use a corporate gifting company for that task as well.

Another important factor in creating the best corporate gift boxes is their memorable nature. Carefully curated gift boxes for employees are an effective token of appreciation and remind employees that they’re seen and an integral part of the company’s cultural fabric. Corporate gift boxes for clients that are thoughtfully curated send an unforgettable message to clients that their business is appreciated and they’re anything but an invoice number to you—they’re a human connection that you cherish.

You want to avoid gifting people items that they have already gotten or that they are likely to get from other companies. These kinds of typical presents include calendars, mugs, notebooks, and pens. Everyone knows that these branded items get mass-produced and that you’re likely gifting them to all your suppliers, partners, and employees. That’s why they’re not in any way memorable, and they don’t make a lasting impression on the recipient.

Corporate gifting trends have grown to reflect the effectiveness of thoughtful, memorable, personalized corporate gifting. In recent years, it’s become increasingly apparent that personalized gifting works, and it works with all kinds of gift-giving, regardless of whether you want to send a present to your new partner, a new supplier, or a long-term, loyal employee.

It helps improve all your business relationships, as it infuses them with a touch of human emotion and shows that you have or want to forge a connection with the person receiving the gift. Gifting helps reduce turnover in employees, and it helps drive engagement with existing and potential clients—bolstering marketing efforts and increasing long-term revenue. This has driven a demand for professional gifting companies that help businesses maintain positive B2B relationships. Explore our corporate gifting email templates for more ideas and inspiration to humanize your digital outreach.

Explore the advantages of a corporate gifting platform

Corporate gifting companies continue to change along with the market, and they’ve increasingly come to offer corporate gifting platforms which streamline the gifting strategy of companies. While corporate gifting is a highly effective approach to garnering engagement and driving long-term revenue, it’s also an inherently costly and time-consuming process. Just imagine—regardless of whether you work in a company of 50+ or 500+ people—how time-consuming it would be to deal with the entire process of creating, ordering, and distributing corporate gifts.

All in all, especially during the holiday season, this is a full-time job if done without help. Of course, most businesses aren’t willing to dedicate someone’s entire job to a gifting strategy. After all, making gifts is likely not the purpose of your company, and paying someone to deal with that is just not worth it as an investment.

This is where gifting platforms come in and why top gifting companies have started to offer them. Corporate gifting platforms streamline the entire process through robust automation so that companies can more efficiently initiate and maintain a successful gifting strategy. These highly efficient client gifting services keep costs to a minimum without compromising the value of the gifts themselves. They also save time and human effort and make it easier to maintain a viable budget for gifting.

These platforms can be used as everything from client to employee gifting platforms. They’re super user-friendly and versatile, and you can have more than one, depending on how big your company is and what its needs are. These platforms can be great for small and big businesses alike, and they make the entire process of giving gifts, creating branded merchandise, and providing it to recipients more hassle-free.

A rapidly emerging use for gifting platforms is for B2B relationships. B2B relationships are important for nearly any business—and gifting remains one of the most effective ways to maintain positive relationships between businesses. B2B gifting platforms streamline the process of gifting between businesses and help maintain amicable relationships that work for every party involved. Highly customizable gifts spark and maintain goodwill between partners, clients, and suppliers—and gifting platforms keep down costs and time.

It’s not surprising that recently, these platforms have seen immense popularity in a time during which teams and partners are increasingly operating remotely. Along with that, during economically unstable situations, such as the one we’re currently in, maintaining your close partners and your loyal customers is key to sustaining your company, which is why using and investing in a corporate gifting platform is 100% worth it. 

Start sending meaningful corporate gifts to clients, prospects, and employees at your organization. Get started with Postal and see how much time and money you can save on your corporate gifting strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are corporate gifting companies?

Corporate gifting companies specialize in creating personalized gifts for other companies' clients, employees, or partners. Over the years, they’ve adapted along with the businesses they serve. Corporate gift boxes, branded goods, baked goods, and even handwritten notes all continue to exist as mainstays of corporate gifting strategies, but the methods for ordering and delivery have evolved along with the business world. With business going virtual, a new reason for gifting has also emerged.

When you can’t meet people in the real world, it becomes increasingly difficult to build relationships with them and to build real connections. In such environments, being able to provide your future clients, partners, or vendors with corporate promotional gifts is a terrific opportunity you should take advantage of. Many companies have managed to do so over the past two to three years.

In fact, gift industry trends in 2021 have pointed to expectations of robust growth in the gifting industry as it’s thrived through the pandemic—a time during which many businesses have increasingly shifted online, not only for sales but for team members and workspaces. During this time, the corporate gifting industry has become increasingly important as companies have moved quickly to remind customers, B2B peers, and employees that they are valued and that the human element hasn’t left the room just because many of us have left the physical office.

Is corporate gifting a good business?

Corporate gifting can be a profitable business due to the consistent demand for businesses to show appreciation to their clients, employees, and partners. Corporate gifting companies offer flexibility in pricing and product range, which can attract diverse clients and generate steady revenue. Additionally, repeat business is common as many companies require gifts regularly for various events. Success in this industry requires careful planning, market research, unique gift ideas, and strong customer service to maintain client satisfaction and loyalty.

What is the average price of a corporate gift?

The average price of a corporate gift can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per item, depending on factors such as type, quantity, customization, occasion, and recipient. Low-cost gifts such as pens and keychains can cost a few cents to a few dollars, while luxury gifts like high-end electronics or executive gifts can cost hundreds of dollars. The budget may vary based on the event or recipient. It's crucial for businesses to work with a reliable and knowledgeable corporate gifting company that can help identify their needs and budget and offer customized gift ideas that fit their requirements.

How big is the corporate gifting industry?

The global corporate gifting market size was valued at $23.26 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $78.86 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 17.2% from 2020 to 2027. The industry includes a wide range of products, serving various sectors such as banking, healthcare, retail, and technology. Factors contributing to its growth include the increasing demand for personalized gifts, the trend of corporate social responsibility, and the emphasis on employee and customer engagement. The corporate gifting industry is expected to continue to expand as businesses recognize the importance of building strong relationships with their clients, employees, and partners through well-planned gifting strategies.

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