Top 12 Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

Forget managing spreadsheets and sourcing products—luxury corporate gifting companies are changing the way businesses engage.

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies

What are Corporate Gifting Companies?

Corporate gifting companies are specialized entities that facilitate the seamless integration of thoughtful and branded gifts into corporate strategies. These firms curate and provide a diverse range of high-quality products, ensuring businesses can express appreciation to clients, employees, and partners in a meaningful way. From luxury executive gifts to personalized tokens, corporate gifting companies offer a one-stop solution for enhancing relationships and fostering brand loyalty. These services often include customizable options, allowing businesses to tailor gifts to align with their brand identity and the preferences of recipients. By leveraging the expertise of corporate gifting companies, organizations can navigate the intricacies of gift selection, ensuring that each gesture leaves a lasting, positive impression on the recipients.

What are the best luxury corporate gifting companies?

You may wonder what the top corporate gifting companies offer. It’s not just about curating luxury gifts and experiences. The industry has evolved into a high-tech, full-service corporate gifting platform and the top gifting companies in the world offer not only the best in luxury gifts but an all-in-one platform with marketing automation and the ability to send gift boxes and personalized swag at scale.

The top corporate gifting companies will offer robust analytics and tracking, so you can see the impact your gifts are making. Offline Engagement Platforms such as Postal take the tracking a step further with integrations and shows impact in your sales CRM or marketing automation platform.

The top gifting companies in the world enable you to reach out to prospects in a way that breaks barriers and helps create moments. Companies are able to get valuable feedback to see how their gifting campaigns are performing and effectively measure ROI.

If you have a hard time trying to come up with the perfect items for your VIP clients and customers, then hiring a professional corporate gifting company might be just the thing to help. The best platforms will be able to give you insight into what the perfect luxury item might be for each unique recipient. The end goal is to create a gifting experience that your clients, customers, and employees will never forget. 

As mentioned above, you shouldn’t have to take anyone’s word for anything. The best companies will have tracking capabilities so you can see how your luxury gifting strategy impacts your relationships with recipients. This also allows you to tweak your strategy as needed to get the most benefits possible from sending out luxury gifts..

B2B corporate gifting is a big market for luxury gifts because business partners and prospective business customers often expect higher-quality items than an individual consumer or team member might. This is because when you send a gift in the B2B world, you’re really sending it to the company as a whole instead of a single person, which means your gift needs to stand out and be memorable.

7 of the best luxury corporate gifting companies

The very best corporate gifting companies understand B2B gifting and know how to reduce stress by guiding you as you decide on the perfect gifts for your customers and partners. If you’re at all unsure of how to move forward with your gifting strategy, consider turning to one of these amazing vendors, all of which are available in the Postal Marketplace.

1. Boisset Collection Wine

Known for their exceptional wine selection and personalized gift sets, Boisset Collection Wine is a top-tier corporate gifting company that guarantees a memorable experience for your recipients.

2. Bouqs

For eco-conscious companies looking to impress their customers or partners, Bouqs is the go-to corporate gifting company. With their unique and sustainable floral arrangements, Bouqs offers a fresh take on traditional gifting.

3. Harco

With an extensive range of corporate gifting options, Harco is a reliable and knowledgeable partner in gifting strategy. Their expert team is dedicated to guiding businesses through the selection process to find the perfect gift.

4. Runamok

Impress your recipients with unique and high-quality maple syrup products from Runamok. Their personalized labels and gift sets make for a truly one-of-a-kind corporate gifting experience.

5. Spoonful of Comfort

For those who want to gift comfort food, Spoonful of Comfort has you covered. Their customizable soup gift sets, complete with fresh-baked rolls and cookies, are perfect for showing appreciation and care.

6. Thoughtfully Gifts

Stand out from the crowd with Thoughtfully Gifts' unique and thoughtful gift sets. From spa sets to gourmet food baskets and cocktail kits, they offer a wide range of customizable options that guarantee a personalized and unforgettable gifting experience.

7. Tiff's Treats

Sweeten up your corporate gifting with Tiff's Treats. Their freshly baked cookies, available in a variety of flavors, are the perfect gift to show appreciation and gratitude. With customizable options, including company logos or messages, they offer a unique and delicious gifting experience.

Curate luxury corporate gifts for employees

Luxury gifting is ultimately driven by the emotions it elicits in the recipients. Companies give luxury gifts in order to enhance their connection with staff and clients. Gift giving is a unique way to personally interact with an individual while saying thank you for their support and loyalty. No matter who you give gifts to, there’s always a fear that the recipient might not like them. This is less likely to be the case with luxury gifting, as luxury gifts are often highly desirable and can usually be curated with a specific person in mind.

This level of gifting clearly demonstrates the level of consideration you’ve given the recipient, which can do wonders for improving employee engagement and satisfaction, especially in a remote setting.

The new normal of remote work presents a variety of advantages and challenges. Remote workers are often satisfied with being able to work from home, have a greater work-life balance, and are always happy to skip the commute.

However, there are downsides to remote work, as well. The sense of camaraderie and teamwork is sometimes difficult to cultivate when employees aren’t physically working together. It has become increasingly difficult to foster a culture that brings a sense of pride and belonging.

This is where luxury gifts come in—they help engage your employees, increase loyalty, and infuse a sense of teamwork and enthusiasm into your remote workforce. Luxury gifts for employees not only show them that you care but also create opportunities for them to show off your brand. When employees feel appreciated and proud of their workplace, they are happier and more productive. From an ROI standpoint, it doesn’t get any better than that.

You might be curious about some of the best corporate gifts for employees. While luxury branded apparel and other gifts are appropriate, experiences are also a great way to impress your employees. Corporate gift baskets are another way to show appreciation.

Every employee is an important aspect of business success. It becomes hard to maintain a good relationship if you aren’t showing them gratitude. You can even offer luxury gifts to workers during a farewell party, or thanks tokens. While selecting the right gifts for your needs, be sure you keep quality at the top. Offering quality gifts will help you to keep them happy and satisfied. Some of the significant benefits of offering corporate gifts to employees include:

  • Enhancing their motivation to work better and contribute to the success of a company
  • Improve work satisfaction and employee happiness in the workplace
  • An excellent way to build and deepen ties with your staff

While it might be more difficult to interact with employees who work remotely, you can’t forget about them. They are providing the same amount of time, effort, and efficiency as everyone else. Remote working is quickly becoming the way of the world today and it is crucial that employees feel appreciated during this adjustment that was accelerated due to the pandemic.

Every single person in your company is important, and being able to show your appreciation for these employees will help them feel more included and secure in their job, which will increase their productivity and loyalty to you and your company.

Some examples of a luxury corporate gift for employees include:

  • Luggage sets
  • Wireless speakers and headphones 
  • High-end apparel or home decor
  • Technological “toys,” like a GoPro
  • All-inclusive luxury coffee or tea sets
  • Golf or tennis apparel
  • Wine gift baskets

Make sure that when you are deciding on these luxury gifts for employees, each gift stands out and was chosen to complement the things that make the individual unique. Get to know your employees, and make them feel seen. They will thank you for it and your company will thank you for it as well.

Corporate gift baskets that are designed to delight

The corporate gift basket has come a long way over the years. Once a staple holiday offering containing off-brand jams and crackers, today’s corporate promotional products have become upscale client gifts that create opportunities to strengthen relationships, celebrate occasions such as customer milestones, and recognize the accomplishments and milestones of your employees. 

Corporate gift baskets can be filled with high-end, luxury items that create excitement and a sense of appreciation. Corporate gift baskets are a fun and effective way to increase customer retention, giving a better chance for upsells. They can help assist you in thanking your new business partner, a new client, or an employee.

By sending them, you can also improve customer retention. You can add chocolates to the basket and spread sweetness among your clients. Being affordable, they are an excellent choice for securing new clients. Choose this method to ensure that you get loyal customers and talented employees. 

Do you want to know how to stand ahead of the curve? It’s simple—offer something unique like corporate gift baskets to your clients. While purchasing the right corporate gifts for clients, keep a few things in mind. For instance, consider whether you are offering a token of thanks to a new client or honoring your lifelong employee. Once you know the purpose, you can offer customized corporate gifts. There is a wide range of corporate baskets for your gifting needs.

Bringing in new hires and keeping current clients are both of the utmost importance in regard to company growth. This kind of support deserves to be rewarded and recognized, and corporate gift baskets give you the perfect opportunity to say thank you for others’ trust in you.

Some ideas for themes you might choose when curating corporate gift baskets include:

  • Charcuterie basket
  • Complete spa basket
  • Luxury chocolate basket
  • High-end branded merchandise basket
  • Fruit and wine sampler basket

These are just a few examples of the kinds of baskets you could create for recipients, depending on their preferences and interests. The options are almost endless, so make sure to spend some extra time putting together baskets to show the recipients that you’re paying attention to what makes them unique. 

When you include luxury items in your gift baskets for clients, partners, and employees, it makes them that much more memorable.

Create luxury corporate gifts with your company logo

Your company logo is one of many things that sets you apart. While your products, services, and culture are important, it’s your logo that people recognize. Getting your logo out there in front of people is important. It shows up on your website and email correspondence, your social media, and your advertising.

Another way your logo can help build brand recognition is through branded merchandise. There are many benefits to putting your logo on physical objects. The most obvious is the opportunity to spread the word about your business. When clients, employees, vendors, and prospects are using products with your logo, they not only continue being exposed to your brand, they are exposing your brand to others. 

When you offer corporate gifts to your clients, the likelihood of renewal increases, thus assisting you in maintaining client loyalty. Even more, distributing gifts with company logos will generate more leads. Custom corporate gifts will increase awareness among customers and executive corporate gifts will help your organization get in front of key stakeholders.

High-end physical products also create an expectation and an association with your brand. The very act of physically engaging with your luxury corporate gifts with logos is a way to build a positive association, reinforcing recognition and creating a sensory memory.

Adding branded merchandise to your luxury corporate gifting strategy is one of the best ways to spread the word about your company. If you incorporate your brand logo into an especially desirable gift, people will get to talking about what company gave them that item, which is a win for your business.

There are many ways in which adding a logo to your luxury corporate gifts can help increase brand awareness. For example, if you put your logo on a high-quality, functional item, the recipient isn’t likely to throw it away even if they’re done with it themselves. They may pass it on to a family member or friend, or they may try to sell or donate it. Whichever route they take, your branded luxury item will spread recognition and awareness for your business.

5 customizable luxury corporate gift vendors

Consider utilizing one of these customizable vendors next time you need high-end branded merchandise or memorable items to positively reflect the image of your company and cause people to be delighted by your brand. Don’t underestimate the power of personalization on something like a doormat, a candle, or even a bottle of wine. While not all of the gifts in a gift basket need to be branded, tastefully adding some items with your logo will help the recipient remember which company sent the thoughtful luxurious gift to them.

Garden Republic

Garden Republic offers a hassle-free indoor gardening experience that is perfect for companies looking to give a gift that keeps on giving. Their customizable kits are ideal for plant lovers who want to add some greenery to their workspace.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift Baskets is the ultimate corporate gifting company for those looking to make a lasting impression. Their high-quality food baskets and customizable options ensure that your recipients receive a truly personalized gift.


For sports enthusiasts, Fanmats offers a wide range of customizable mats and rugs, making it the perfect corporate gifting company to show appreciation for their passion. 

Kanda Candles

Elevate your corporate gifting game with Kanda Candles. Their personalized candles, with customizable labels and scents, are perfect for creating a unique and memorable gifting experience.


For businesses looking to make a difference while gifting, ONEHOPE offers wine gift boxes that donate to charity. With customizable options and handwritten notes, they make corporate gifting a heartwarming and meaningful experience.

Luxury Corporate Gifting Companies for VIP Recipients

Corporate gifting is a rapid-growing industry, helping businesses seeking to increase their ROI by integrating gifting into their digital strategies. 

Effective corporate gifting creates connections, enables customer retention, and helps businesses attract new clients and build relationships. However, overly generic gifts and branded tchotchkes can come off as in-genuine and often won’t elevate the relationship.

Luxury corporate gifting companies are the answer to such corporate gifts that don’t quite hit the mark. These corporate gifting companies offer high-end and unique client gift ideas to corporations that want to make an impact with their luxury branded gifts and experiences. Clients are looking for gifts that stand out and don’t just end up discarded. These are the types of gifts that are proudly accepted and actually used. Luxurious gifts trigger excitement, interest, and positive association with the sender.

When a company chooses luxury branded gifts, they are sending a message to clients, potential clients, and employees that they are a company that values quality. This sets a tone, and it sets expectations that the company offers a quality, high-end experience. For inspiration on how to position your gift offering to customers or prospect, explore our corporate gifting email templates that are designed to deliver delight.

Giving luxury gifts to clients and employees as part of your corporate gifting strategy is worth the investment, especially if you go the extra mile to find the perfect luxury corporate gifting company for your needs. The right gifting company will help you every step of the way as you send unique and personalized gifts to the people that support your business. The importance of building relationships and loyalties with individuals can’t be overstated in the business world.

Giving thanks to top-performing employees will also allow you to retain talent more effectively, which is one of many reasons why leaving a long-lasting impression is crucial. The corporate gifting industry is continuing to grow, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity and build strong connections with the people who make your business possible. 

Though you may not send a luxury gift to a new hire on their first day—employee swag kits may be more fitting in this case—there are times you’ll want to go above and beyond for your team members. Some examples of special events you might celebrate with a luxury gift include:

  • Notable work anniversaries
  • Major work-related accomplishments or achievements
  • When quarterly goals are exceeded
  • When an employee gets married or has a child
  • Retirement

These are just a few examples of when you may want to go the extra mile to show your employees you care. The holiday season is also a great time to send out luxury gifts to company stakeholders to show them you’re thinking of them and their contributions during this whirlwind season of giving.

Invest in high-end corporate swag

Luxury swag never goes out of style. Swag is perfect for in-person and virtual events to outfit your team and to give gifts to customers and associates, but ordering swag and dealing with shipping, storing, and distributing swag is not so appealing.

Cloud-based solutions are the answer to this dilemma, and top corporate gifting companies have you covered. Automating and personalizing your swag production and distribution for conferences is an incredible opportunity to simplify your high-end executive gifts and high-end client gifts.

Conferences are one place where you should always have luxury corporate-branded apparel. You want high-end corporate swag that is comfortable and looks sharp. Not cheap or sloppy. Keeping your people looking sharp and having plenty of luxury swag on hand is a must, and it’s even better if you don’t end up after the conference with boxes of unused products that you have to take back and store with you. Taking your corporate swag closet to the cloud is the answer to all your problems.

High-end corporate swag is the perfect way to incorporate corporate promotional gifts. Clients, employees, and new hires won’t turn down corporate swag, especially if it’s free, so you can not go wrong with offering these luxuries. Offering corporate promotion gifts in the form of swag is one of the best possible ways to show your appreciation to your clients while marketing your business. Gift-giving will never go out of style, so use this to your advantage and gain the trust of your clients while promoting your brand and bringing more awareness to your company.

Just remember to put enough thought into your luxury swag, because it’s crucial that the products you present to your customers are of the best quality. Whether you are offering corporate swag at an in-person event or on a virtual platform doesn’t matter—have fun with the design process and take advantage of the opportunity to gain stronger connections with your employees and other stakeholders.

Offer unique corporate gifts to break through the noise

Gifting is a tried and true way to break the ice, show appreciation, reward loyalty, deepen relationships, and show goodwill. Gifting is about relationships and nurturing them. When you offer unique executive gifts to hard-working employees, you foster a sense of satisfaction, and when you include unique corporate gifts as part of your onboarding process, you foster a sense of belonging.

Gifting also increases trust and inspires reciprocity. Over time, corporations that offer luxury corporate gifts help build a reputation for quality, generosity, and success. Corporate gifting isn’t going anywhere. It’s a 240 billion-dollar industry for a reason. When it comes to lead generation, customer retention, and loyalty, corporate gifting statistics show that the offline channel yields a proven return on investment.

There is nothing worse than giving out corporate gifts that are useless or boring to your client. You want to incorporate a corporate gifting strategy that will allow you to choose top-end gifts, all while having the option for customization and personalization. Corporate gifting allows you to build trust, relationships, and an overall more positive outlook on your business, especially if you take the time to hand-select gifts for your most important employees and stakeholders. 

If you want to ensure your gifts are unique, talk to your clients, team members, and partners. Get to know them on a more personal level to understand their want, needs, and interests. You want to get the point across to your recipients that you put effort into your corporate gifts to show your appreciation for their time and money.

Engage more effectively with memorable corporate gifts

Luxury items are an excellent way to show appreciation while also being a more desirable gift. Giving a gift a client actually wants creates a more effective outcome. Luxury gift companies give you an overall better experience by incorporating the luxury experience, higher-quality gifting, gift packaging, and special delivery. 

Unique corporate gifts are a way to improve your relationship with your clients by helping you create a unique personalized touch. Not just that, you can also send a personalized gift to your employees. By using it, you can get a high return on investment. In fact, 80% of customers prefer companies that offer luxury corporate gifts. It will motivate new people to become your potential buyer.

If your company puts the time and effort into these corporate gifts, you will be able to keep and gain clients who will become loyal customers. Creating these gifts makes for wonderful experiences for your clients and shows your appreciation for their continued loyalty to your brand. It shows that you’re willing to support them in return for their support of you. This will increase your chances of being noticed by potential clients which can be a game changer for your company.

Gift-giving will always be a great way to connect with employees and clients. Use this to your advantage by giving gifts people will remember and talk about. Luxury items create a memorable experience for the individual you are giving them to, and the experience can be even more impactful if you clearly put thought into the gift you gave them. It is worth investing your time and money into luxury corporate gifts because it helps people think positively about your company and encourages them to continue supporting you. 

Offering gifts to your clients, employees, and partners will only help you create better connections with them. Get started with Postal to explore our marketplace of small and local vendors, and start sending unique items that capture the attention of your recipients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of luxury corporate gifting?

Luxury corporate gifting offers a myriad of benefits, elevating relationships and fostering brand loyalty. It goes beyond the transactional, creating memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression. From distinguishing a brand in a competitive market to inspiring satisfaction among clients and employees, luxury gifts contribute to a positive corporate reputation. The exclusivity and thoughtful nature of these gifts convey a genuine appreciation, strengthening connections and making recipients feel valued and special.

What is the average price for a luxury corporate gift?

The average price for a luxury corporate gift varies, spanning from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. Prices depend on factors such as the type of gift, the reputation of the brand, and customization options. While some luxury gifts are accessible, others, such as high-end tech gadgets or exclusive experiences, command a higher price point, allowing businesses flexibility based on their budget and the significance of the occasion.

What are some of the types of luxury corporate gifts?

Luxury corporate gifts encompass a diverse range of offerings, including custom executive accessories, high-end tech gadgets, fine wines, and exclusive experiences. These gifts are meticulously chosen for their premium quality and unique, sophisticated appeal. Whether it's a bespoke piece of jewelry, a personalized travel experience, or a limited-edition item, luxury corporate gifts aim to make a statement, reflecting the discerning taste of the giver and creating a lasting impression on the recipient.

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