How to Use Direct Mail in B2B Marketing

How to Use Direct Mail in B2B Marketing

November 9, 2023

In an age where digital marketing often takes the spotlight, the potent charm of traditional direct mail marketing remains undeniably effective, especially in the B2B realm. Direct mail campaigns provide a tactile, personalized interaction that can cut through digital clutter to reach the decision-makers in your target audience.

Platforms like Postal emerge as a beacon in this domain, offering streamlined solutions to integrate direct mail campaigns with your broader marketing strategy, thereby amplifying your outreach and engagement. In this blog, we’ll talk about the benefits of direct mail, and how Postal can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

The Resurgence of B2B Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing has been experiencing a notable resurgence lately, especially among B2B companies aiming to forge meaningful connections and build trust with their target audience. The tactile nature of direct mail pieces, whether they’re gifts, postcards, or creatively designed mailers, evokes a unique brand interaction that’s hard for digital marketing channels to match. The personalized touch associated with direct mail can often lead to higher engagement levels compared to digital counterparts like email marketing. Compelling statistics suggest that this resurgence isn't merely a fleeting trend but a lasting shift in the market.

Direct mail marketing boasts a significant response rate advantage over email marketing. According to a study by the Direct Marketing Association, direct mail has a commendable 4.4% response rate, starkly outshining the meager 0.12% response rate of email marketing. The same study found that 58% of the respondents who received direct mail went ahead to make purchases, compared to a lower 28% purchase rate among email recipients​.

The format of direct mail pieces also plays a pivotal role in their success. A survey revealed that 66% of U.S-based marketers often use postcards in their direct mail campaigns, tying with newsletters as the most commonly used formats. Additionally, nearly 51% of recipients find direct mail postcards useful, emphasizing the practical value they offer​.

Furthermore, the open rates for direct mail are exceptionally high at 90%, significantly higher than the 23% open rate typically seen with email marketing. This high open rate can be attributed to the tangible nature of direct mail, which consumers find more engaging and prefer over digital promotional materials that often go unnoticed even when sent by recognizable brands​.

The key to unlocking the full potential of direct mail lies in crafting a meticulously tailored marketing message that resonates with the recipient, ensuring that the mailers aren't merely glanced over but prompt a desired action. The personalized, tangible interaction facilitated by direct mail creates a memorable brand experience, fostering a deeper connection between B2B companies and their target audience.


Best Practices for Crafting Your B2B Direct Mail Campaign

Now that we’ve covered the undeniable benefits of direct mail, let’s review some best practices for launching your own campaign effectively:

1. Align with your Sales Team

A well-orchestrated direct mail campaign should be in harmony with your sales team's objectives, ensuring that the message reaches the right decision-makers. Collaboration with the sales team will ensure that the campaign is targeted accurately, enhancing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

2. Clear Call-to-Action (CTA)

A well-defined CTA is the linchpin of an effective direct mail piece. It should guide recipients on the next course of action, whether it's visiting a landing page, making a phone call, or another desired action. A compelling CTA can significantly enhance the response rate and drive recipients further down the sales funnel.

3. Customization and Personalization

Tailoring your direct mail pieces to mirror the recipients’ needs and interests is paramount. Personalization fosters a sense of connection, making each interaction feel exclusive and thoughtful. Platforms like Postal can be instrumental in achieving this level of personalization seamlessly.

4. Followp-Up Strategy

The engagement shouldn’t end once the mail is delivered. A robust follow-up strategy, leveraging phone calls or email marketing, is crucial to keep the conversation going post-direct mail. It's about nurturing the relationship and guiding the recipient towards the desired action.

5. Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Variable data printing allows for a higher level of personalization by customizing each direct mail piece with the recipient's name, company name, or other specific information. This tactic can significantly enhance engagement and response rates.

6. Integration with Digital Channels

Marrying your direct mail campaign with digital marketing efforts, like social media or LinkedIn outreach, can create a multi-touch marketing experience that enriches engagement and tracks the buyer's journey across multiple platforms.

7. Sustainable Practices

Embracing recyclable materials for your direct mail pieces not only reflects a commitment to environmental sustainability but also resonates well with eco-conscious recipients. It’s a small step that can have a lasting impact on your brand perception.

Incorporating these best practices will serve as a solid foundation for your direct mail marketing campaign, ensuring it's not only well-received but also triggers the desired response.

Doing all of this yourself is a tall task, even for the most seasoned marketers. That’s why we’re here at Postal to make sure your B2B direct mail campaigns run seamlessly and achieve the outcomes you’re looking for.

Postal: Your Direct Mail Marketing Maestro

Postal is the quintessential offline marketing platform, offering a wide array of direct mail solutions meticulously crafted for B2B outreach. The platform's user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to design handwritten notes, create printed mailers, and design postcards, all within the app. Postal's offerings are not just about sending out mailers; it's about creating memorable, personalized interactions that leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

The ease of crafting and managing direct mail campaigns is significantly enhanced with Postal's robust platform features. The setup of offline campaigns is made seamless, with a harmonized blend of online and offline marketing efforts. Postal takes the guesswork out of direct mail campaign management, providing a structured yet flexible framework that empowers marketing teams to execute tailored campaigns effortlessly.

One of the stellar features of Postal is its integration with renowned CRM systems like Salesforce and HubSpot. This integration not only centralizes reporting but also provides insightful metrics that are instrumental in evaluating the efficacy of your offline marketing efforts. By having a centralized dashboard, B2B marketers can easily track the performance of their direct mail campaigns, gauge the response rates, and make data-driven decisions to optimize future campaigns.

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The value proposition of Postal's platform transcends the conventional boundaries of direct mail marketing. By infusing a personalized touch into your direct mail pieces, you're not merely reaching out; you're forging a connection. The platform is engineered to amplify the response rate of your direct mail campaigns significantly. Postal boasts of enabling a staggering 4x increase in response rates and a remarkable 30% surge in close rates. These metrics make a compelling case for the integration of direct mail in your overarching B2B marketing strategy.

Moreover, Postal’s platform is designed to accommodate a variety of direct mail formats. Whether you’re looking to send out postcards, catalogs, or uniquely crafted mailers, Postal provides the tools and resources necessary to bring your direct mail vision to life. The platform also facilitates the creation of PURLs (Personalized URLs), QR codes, and other interactive elements that can be incorporated into your direct mail pieces, providing a gateway to digital engagement.

Postal also excels in offering a marketplace for corporate gifting and automated direct mail solutions. This marketplace is a trove of unique vendors and gifts that can be paired with your marketing message, thus extending the personal touch of direct mail to corporate gifting. The integration of direct mail and corporate gifting campaigns augments the engagement with your target accounts, enriching the overall experience.

Postal is not merely a direct mail marketing platform; it's a comprehensive solution for B2B companies aspiring to elevate their offline engagement strategy. The blend of easy-to-use design tools, seamless CRM integration, and the ability to track multi-channel campaigns in one location, places Postal in a league of its own.

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Ready to Elevate Your Offline Engagement?

The timeless allure of direct mail marketing holds its ground amid the digital marketing frenzy. But to maximize your ROI, you need the right partner.

Postal is your gateway to building a robust offline engagement strategy. By blending direct mail with corporate gifting and providing a holistic view of multi-channel campaigns, Postal empowers businesses to create lasting brand impressions. As you explore new engagement avenues, melding direct mail with digital strategies through Postal could significantly enhance your marketing narrative.

Ready to transcend the digital clamor and foster meaningful connections? Connect with Postal and achieve elevated response rates in your B2B marketing efforts.

Alex Barca
Alex Barca

Alex Barca is the Director of Demand Generation at Postal, where she oversees paid acquisition, direct mail, corporate gifting, and inbound sales development. Prior to Postal, Alex worked across marketing functions at Bullhorn and Curata. Outside of work, Alex enjoys watching reality TV and spending time with family and friends in the NYC area.

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Want to host virtual events people will actually attend and remember?
Postal makes it easy to plan, host and have a memorable virtual event that will delight your attendees.
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