Global Gifting Campaigns, Without the Currency Headache

Global Gifting Campaigns, Without the Currency Headache

April 19, 2024

There is so much complexity when it comes to executing global marketing campaigns, and bringing your vision to life in the offline can be tricky when your target audience is distributed across multiple countries and continents. 

To help our customers avoid currency-induced headaches and create global gifting campaigns faster, we are excited to introduce two new features: 

Automated In-App Currency Conversion

With in-app Currency Conversion, you can send international items from the Marketplace in different currencies, using just one billing account in your preferred currency. Postal handles the conversion for you (using current exchange rates), so you don’t have to manage multiple billing accounts in different currencies. 

To enable automated Currency Conversion, a Postal Admin just has to to slide the toggle on under “Account Settings” and select a default currency.

Multi-Currency Collections

Up until now, Collections could only include Marketplace items in a single currency. With the release of Multi-Currency Collections, Postal users can now send Collections containing items in different currencies. This streamlines gifting campaigns that span multiple geographies, especially when you don’t know exactly where your prospects and customers are located.

Note: Currency Conversion must first be enabled by an Admin for Postal users on the account to begin creating and sending Multi-Currency Collections.

3 Use Cases for Currency Conversion + Multi-Currency Collections

Customer Review Campaigns

Many Postal users incentivize their customers to review their businesses on platforms like G2 and TrustRadius by offering a Collection as a gesture of appreciation. It’s an effective way to generate feedback and social proof points, but with customers often spread across multiple countries, the manual steps it took to create global gift options was a heavy lift. With Multi-Currency Collections, marketers can now send a single Collection of items via MagicLink in dozens of currencies that can be redeemed and shipped all over the world.

Automated Demo Request Campaigns 

One of the ways that we use Postal internally to build our sales funnel is by triggering an automated email offering a “taste of Postal” every time a demo request form is filled out on our website. Instead of receiving a reply from an inbound lead that they can’t redeem the cookies being offered because their home is outside of the vendor’s shipping area, we can now send a Multi-Currency Collection of international sweet treats that offer a much more seamless first impression.

Employee Appreciation Campaigns

People teams often use Postal to show appreciation for their employees and boost morale. With many workforces being remote and spread across the globe, it can be a challenge to provide a consistent recipient experience for all employees. Creating a Multi-Currency Collection with a range of items in different currencies for employees to choose from can be a great way to make sure all employees feel the love, without the hassle of having to create separate sends for each geography.

We strive to help our customers create unique and memorable experiences for their prospects, customers, and employees–wherever they are. To learn more about how Postal can help your team create meaningful connections with globale offline marketing campaigns, request a demo.

Amy Schwartz
Amy Schwartz

Amy Schwartz is a Product Marketing Manager at Postal. Before landing in tech, she held various marketing and communications positions at financial services, healthcare, and higher education institutions. Outside of work, you can find Amy exploring the beaches and hiking trails of California’s central coast with her husband, two kids, and very energetic dog.